‘Stink bomb’ likely to replace pellets in Kashmir

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Srinagar: The authorities are desperately looking for an alternative to pellet guns to deal with stone pelting protesters in Kashmir, reports said on Saturday.
In April, the Centre told the Supreme Court it was exploring a crowd control option that is akin to rubber bullets but not as lethal as pellet guns that are being used as a last resort to quell violence in the Kashmir Valley.
Now, the Kannauj-based Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) has developed a “stink bomb” to tackle stone pelters in the Valley, reported ANI.
“It (stink bomb) is still in the early stage. It is a sort of capsule which will burst and emit smoke with bad odour,” Shakti Shukla, principal director, FFDC, told ANI.
As the use of pellet guns by the forces personnel against protesters in Kashmir has created a lot of controversy after it left hundreds blind and severely injured, New Delhi is forced to come up with an alternative.
Along with Kashmiris, several international human rights organisations too have demanded ban on use of pellet guns.
Thus, if the “stink bomb”–once it starts getting used by the forces–prove successful, it will work as a “good” measure to control protesters in the Valley without causing much damage, reports said.

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