Azadi vs Islam debate meant to create ‘confusion’: Hizb commander

Azadi vs Islam debate meant to create ‘confusion’: Hizb commander

Calls Islam inspiring force, invokes two nation theory, pays rich tributes to Burhan Wani

Srinagar: Hizbul Mujahideen operational commander, Yaseen Yatoo alias Gaznavi has said that Islam has been the “inspiring force” for Kashmir struggle right from the beginning.
In a new five-minute video, Yatoo said that anyone trying to spark a debate on the Kashmir struggle either has confusion about his faith or was playing, intentionally or unintentionally, in the hands of certain powers.
“Mujahideen have no confusion on this. We know that the fight to free the land from the occupier is itself a fight for Allah, and have already given lakhs of sacrifices for it,” he said.
Yatoo said that the foundations of the Kashmir issue are fo rmed by the tenants of Islam and the two nation theory. “It (Kashmir issue) is based on the two nation theory that emerged from two different communities with two different cultures and religions,” he said.
Islam, Yatoo said, has been the inspiring force for the Kashmir issue from the first day of struggle. He said that separating religion from the freedom was like separating the soul from the body.
“Anyone who tries to spark a debate – whether the Kashmir issue is freedom for the sake of Islam or otherwise – either has confusion about his faith or is being played by someone,” Yatoo said. “Alhumdulilah, our faith is that every breath and task of a Muslim is a prayer,” he said.
The Hizb chief also said that Kashmir issue had strong legal, geographical and diplomatic foundations. He said that all these strategies were taken into consideration whenever a new policy was formed.
“And we must be thankful to every person, every nation or power who support our struggle,” he added.
Yatoo paid rich tributes to slain Hizb commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani on his first death anniversary. “We salute our leader Burhan and other martyrs for sacrificing their lives for the freedom for Islam,” he said.
He said it is because all these sacrifices that the sentiment for freedom for Islam is alive and youth today were “craving to pick up guns to join militant ranks” from all parts of the valley.
“Today we remember our beloved and pay him rich tributes and salute all those who sacrificed their lived for the freedom for Islam,” he said.
Yatoo also paid tributes to people of Kashmir for fighting against the oppression with all means. “All these sacrifices will lead us to achieve our goal soon.”




One Response to "Azadi vs Islam debate meant to create ‘confusion’: Hizb commander"

  1. G. Din   July 9, 2017 at 12:03 am

    Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of Gillanis, the Maliks, the Mir Waiz and all those who have masqueraded it as a secular struggle as an imperative of some fiction called “Kashmiriyat”. Not that we did not deduce what you have mentioned now at the time of the purge of Kashmiri Pundits from their homes and hearths – for the seventh time. Know this, Gaznavi and all of your ilk, Kashmiri Pundits shall return to their homeland, yes, the seventh time, too, And they will do so in all dignity. But you will see a big difference this time.