Malik spent 180 days in jail last year: JKLF

Malik spent 180 days in jail last year: JKLF
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‘BJP statement naked fascism’

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front on Thursday said that the BJP statement on turning Kashmir into a “graveyard of freedom lovers” was naked fascism.
A statement issued by the front here said that its chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has spent 180 days in jail during last one year.
Zonal president of JKLF, Noor Muhammad Kalwal, strongly condemned the incarceration of JKLF chairman in the statement. He said that Malik was arrested more than 20 times and kept in jails and police stations for more than 180 days over the last year.
Kalwal also condemned the arrest of senior JKLF activist Mushtaq Ahmad of Koreg in Ganderbal. “Arresting people, putting them in jails and police stations, raiding their residences, intimidating their families and asking them to surrender in police stations has become a favorite practice of police,” he said. “Suppressing people’s voices by military and police might, that too in the name of so-called democracy and peace, curfew politics, ban on internet and phone services and using other oppressive tactics are continuing unabated and so is incarcerating resistance leaders and activists.”
He said that veteran leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has been under house arrest for many years whereas Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq is also detaind every now and then. He said that incarceration has become a routine for JKLF chairman who from 8th July 2016 to 3rd July 2017 had been arrested as many as twenty times.
Reacting to the recent statements of BJP leader Ashok Khajuria, where he said that Kashmir will be turned into a graveyard of those seeking freedom and also that passing of GST bill in the assembly is a defeat to resistance camp, Kalwal said that the statements were ridiculous and “naked Hitlerism”. The JKLF leader said that PDP ally, a Hindu fascist party BJP, and its leaders, must know that every human in Kashmir was seeking Azadi from India and that Kashmiris will keep resisting “Indian fascism” till the withdrawal of last Indian occupational solider.
“Hindu Baniya Party and its leaders who are day dreaming of defeating the valor of Kashmiris and killing all of them should also know that Kashmir is not their looted treasure and that life and death and success and defeat are only in the hands of Almighty Allah,” the statement said.

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