Bar condemns Assembly resolution on GST

Bar condemns Assembly resolution on GST
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Srinagar: J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar has expressed serious concern over the “ludicrous method and manner”, in which the Legislative Assembly passed the resolution for adaptation of the GST regime.
The Bar said that Article 370 has been reduced to an empty shell by 47 orders, “unconstitutionally made by the President of India, whereby 260 out of 395 Articles of Indian constitution, 94 out of 97 entries in the Union list and 26 of the 47 entries in the concurrent list, have been extended to the State of J&K in a brazen manner, during the last 50 years, by successive Govts”.
A statement issued by the Bar Association said that, as pointed out by veteran constitutional expert, A G Noorani, “on the convening of Kashmir Constituent Assembly on 31.10.1951, the State Govt. lost its interim power to accord any concurrence, which in any case was subject always to ratification by the State’s Constituent Assembly and on its dissolution on 17.11.1956, the President of India also lost any power and right to extend any provision of Indian Constitution to the State and as such all the presidential orders issued from time to time, including those consented to by the State Govt.”
The statement said that Bar Association wants the people to get united “at this crucial juncture and for defeating the BJP-PDP designs on Kashmir, stick to its demand of implementing the UN Resolutions on Kashmir, which guarantees them the right of self-determination.”
The Bar Association also extended its support to the programme devised by the pro-freedom leadership for 8th and 13th of July.


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