I will lynch you: Ansari to Rana

I will lynch you: Ansari to Rana
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Srinagar: On the first day of the special session called to clear the GST bill, cabinet minister and PDP leader Imran Ansari told National Conference (NC) leader Devinder Rana that he would lynch him.
Stopping Rana in the middle of his speech, Ansari ridiculed the NC leader and said he was speaking good English as he had studied in London.
“We are simple people. The moral lessons you are giving us are too much,” Ansari said.
Rana shot back, “We are not thieves who steal government tax money.”
This comment infuriated Ansari who told Rana, “I will lynch you here. I will lynch you here.”
“I know your shoddy businesses. You were a small time mobile seller. We know how you made all this (property),” Ansari shouted.
The use of word lynching surprised many since Ansari had become too vocal while lambasting those who allegedly lynched DySP Mohammad Ayoub Pandith, describing their act as an “unpardonable crime before Allah”. He also diverted his one month’s salary to the family of the deceased.
During his speech, NC leader Rana said the idea of NC was not to replace the government.
“Let us dovetail minds and find a tangible solution to the problem. Let us move forward so that we stand right in posterity,” he said.
“Jammu and Kashmir should not become a theatre for the whole country to do politics. Efforts are needed so that the politics of India is played from Delhi, not from Lal Chowk. Kashmir is suffering on account of that,” Rana said.
Referring to the government’s resolution on adopting the GST, Rana said the Opposition was unaware of the mechanism to bring modifications in the resolution.
“How can we approve it, then? The intent of the government is clear: Let us go though the GST,” he said.
People’s Conference leader and cabinet minister Sajad Lone interrupted Rana and asked him whether he had already acquired the GST number for doing business?
“Yes, we have got the GST number,” Rana retorted, drawing a boo from the PDP-BJP leaders. “But there is no legal sanctity to GST as yet in the state.”
When insisted for an answer to why he had already a GST number, if he was opposing the government’s resolution, Rana said “he would resign if he had signed any document”.
Quoting the headline of the article “Trojan or Traitor” written by finance minister Haseeb Drabu years back, he said if the GST is implemented, history would judge who is a Trojan and who a traitor.
He said the National Conference had already given the model for a modified GST in 2013. He later handed over the draft of the model to the Speaker.


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