Geelani’s stance unambiguous, says Hurriyat

Geelani’s stance unambiguous, says Hurriyat
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Lashes out back at NC

SRINAGAR: Reacting to the scathing attack of National Conference (NC) on Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani, the conglomerate on Tuesday said that its stance on Kashmir was “very clear”.
It also decided to come out a white paper about the role played by NC with respect to Article 370.
NC had on Monday described Geelani’s statement on GST as “disingenuous and misleading” and accused him of trying to “bail out” the PDP-BJP government on the issue. Geelani had last week urged traders to keep the special status of state in mind while resolving the GST issue.
“Geelani’s position has always remained unambiguous and clear and (he) won’t budge an inch (from) or compromise (with) the sacrifices laid for a sacred cause,” Hurriyat said in a statement.
It said the “forced occupation” is the root cause of all miseries. “None among these pro-Indian parties figure among lesser evil. We don’t feel even an iota of difference between NC, PDP, and other pro-Indian parties (who have) legitimised the forced occupation (and) acting as pawns for their masters in Delhi,” it said.
Hurriyat said that perks and power corridors were the sole concern for these parties for which “they can go to any extent”.
Clearing stand on GST, Hurriyat said Indian authorities are pursuing their policy and trying hard to get rid of the special status of the state. It said authorities since 1947 have been taking measures to abolish the special status of the state.
“Article 370 is practically non-existent and now reduced to mere skeleton,” Hurriyat said, adding, the Indira-Abdullah Accord (of 1975) proved the last nail in the coffin of Article 370.
Hurriyat blamed NC for lending land to non-state subjects and said that soon after grabbing power, they sanctioned Land Grants Bill and made a provision to lease out land for ninety years; “thus proved the last nail in the coffin of this provision”.
Criticising NC for its “dubious” role, Hurriyat said this party’s leaders extended their full support when NHPC took control of management of state water resources and hydropower projects.
It said NC didn’t respond or show any concern over the Ranbir Panel Code and Article 370, even after NIA extended its jurisdiction to state and when its sleuths arrested youth and lodged them in Tihar jail.
Hurriyat said NC could have passed autonomy bill while in majority but instead passed a resolution and Delhi without assigning any importance rejected it. “It was quite scary that NC instead of raising voice maintained silence.”
“Who encouraged and directed forces to shoot on sight and carpet bomb Azad Kashmir. They should come with explanation about the assassins of those 125 killed during their tenure in 2010 and divulge details about the inducement (Supari) offered to (then SSP Srinagar) Ashiq Bukhari for assassination of Masarat Aalam,” the statement said.
Hurriyat while lauding the role played by business community and civil societies said they have a greater role to play in the “ongoing freedom movement” and are “respectable for us”.
“However, it is our sincere submission that we should keep in mind the different aspects of the Kashmir and other “subsidiary” issues. We need to remain cautious and in no case should Indian policy makers take advantage or (make us) deviate from (the) core issue,” it said.
“We focused on this aspect (of GST) and NC (leaders) in their malicious bid came with their nonsense and hypocritical statement against Syed Ali Geelani,” Hurriyat said.



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