Defiant Rashid confronts BJP legislators to trigger adjournment

Defiant Rashid confronts BJP legislators to trigger adjournment
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SRINAGAR: Awami Itehad Party (AIP) leader, Engineer Rashid entered into a heated exchange of words with the BJP legislators when he shouted that he was not an Indian.
“I am not an Indian,” Rashid reiterated while referring to BJP legislators. “We demand our right to self determination”.
This infuriated the BJP legislators who shouted back saying that they will hang Rashid in the street.
Rashid replied, “You can’t hang me, but we have the ability to do what we did to Shyama Prasad Mukherjee”. “You will not find even graves for the burial here”.
Rashid said that Kashmir was a dispute territory and the right to self determination was the right of the people.
The brawl was triggered by the verses, Na Samjogay tou mit jaogya hindutsaan walou, tumhari dastaan b na rahegi dastaanoun mein (if you would not understand Indians, you will efface.. your story will not remain even in the tales), recited by national conference leader, Mohammad Shafi Uri. The lines were objected by the BJP legislators as it apparently were taken as warning to the Indian Muslims who were currently suffering due to the hindutva onslaught. The house was adjourned when the verbal brawl turned uncontrollable.
During the second sitting, Rashid confronted the BJP legislators again. “Where are you going to hang me. I am not afraid of being killed,” he shouted.



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