CM’s office to take care of ailing twins

CM’s office to take care of ailing twins
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Srinagar: Chief Minister’s ‘grievance cell’ has taken the cognizance of news item under headline “Twins turn to begging to finance throat surgeries after SKIMS claims it has no funds”. The CM’s office informed that the government would bear all the medical expenses of the ailing twins.

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The news item was carried by the Kashmir Reader in its July-1 issue.
Aged six, twins Jameel and Shakeel, sons of Bashir Ahmad Khan, a goatherd from Sundarbani Rajuori, begin the day begging with their mother, hoping for charity in the holy month of Ramdhan for the surgeries they needed from their birth to treat the cleft palate syndrome they were born with.
A cleft palate is a state when there is an opening into the nose beginning in the roof of the mouth, a disorder that can result in high risk feeding problems and also impairments in speech. Jameel and Shakeel’s parents have treated them at local hospitals and have visited local saints and hakims, but all to no avail.



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