Imam Khamenei’s Kashmir Statement: An Assessment

Imam Khamenei’s Kashmir Statement: An Assessment

By Javeed Ali

The Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamana, i has time and again backed the Kashmir cause and in his recent statement on Eid sermon, the leader again reiterated to support the oppressed people in Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen and Kashmir. The statement was widely hailed by the people in Kashmir. Prominent leaders, thinkers, lawyers, analysts based in Kashmir welcomed it whole heartedly. Observing the statement in the context of Kashmir, many people have expressed their views based on their line of thought. It is very difficult to get the exact summary of the statement as it was articulated by the highly spiritual leader whose intellect we can never match. I just want to put forth my analysis which I have inferred from the statement of Imam Khamenei.
It comes under the important parameters of Iranian policy to support the oppressed people throughout the world irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The commemoration of Quds Day which was founded by Imam Khomeini to express the solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and for their liberation from the clutches of Israel is one such endeavour to stand with the oppressed people. This day is not only meant for the Palestinian cause but for all oppressed nations across the globe against all oppressors.
Kashmir is without any argument an international dispute which no one can deny. There are number of resolutions pending in the United Nations on the Kashmir imbroglio. Even India and Pakistan admit that Kashmir tangle has to be solved once for all to bring the much needed peace in a very volatile region which if kept unattended for a long time has the tendency to burn the whole region. So, it is an imperative for India and Pakistan to solve this vexed issue as per the wishes and aspirations of people of Kashmir who are the main party to and in the conflict resolution. theInternational community can play a vital role to persuade India and Pakistan to solve this long lingering issue so that the people of Kashmir can get relief from daily miseries. In this context, the statement of Imam Khamanai should be well appreciated by all the principle parties as resolution of Kashmir is for the betterment of the whole world in general and for India, Pakistan, Kashmir in particular.
We need to accept this fact that violence of any sort can never bring any solution to Kashmir conflict. Killings and counter killings in Kashmir are only piling up but have not done any good to Kashmir cause. Since last many decades thousands have become victim of Kashmir conflict. This has only done damage rather than creating a favorable condition for the solution of Kashmir problem.
Imam Khamenei wants humanity to solve the Kashmir dispute as per the wishes and aspirations of people of Kashmir and that’s the main reason his eminence has said that Kashmir is an issue of humanity. But he can never allow violence of any measure in Kashmir perpetrated by any party or group. He can never say anything which goes against the principles of Islam. If India is saying Kashmir is their integral part and Pakistan is saying that the vale is its jugular vein then why don’t they listen to us what we really aspire? Why they make us to suffer endlessly? India and Pakistan need to leave their ego and follow the human approach towards Kashmiris. We are suffering from both sides. Recently a video got viral in which a young boy from South Kashmir was ruthlessly beaten by Army just because he had an image of Burhan Wani in his phone. It was a brutal act by Indian Army. He was even abused and was made to chant slogans against Pakistan. India and Pakistan are fighting like two brothers on the land of Kashmir. Why we have to suffer because of them. We want complete liberation from both India and Pakistan where we can live in peace in our own land. Let’s fight for the cause of Kashmir in the true spirit of Islam without any violence or bloodshed which I believe is the reflection of recent statement of Imam Khamenei.

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  1. jameel   July 2, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Statements are statement-OIC and several people issuing statement since long time –A joke now —–while Kashmir need a practical political and diplomatice help which will compel and pressurize India to resolve this long pending dispute and end its occupation -People of Kashmir facing brutalities and political injustice