Media consultant Suhail Bukhari told to go

Media consultant Suhail Bukhari told to go
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Srinagar: The government has asked media consultant Suhail Bukhari to resign from the post on charges of not performing well, sources said.
Following the government instructions, sources said Bukhari has tendered his resignation and already opened talks with some news channels
The sources said Bukhari was told to resign from the post since he was not performing as per the needs of the government.
The government has appointed a three-member media team to promote its activities in the media. It included the post of media consultant and two media analysts.
The job of media consultant was to promote government policies and monitor social, electronic and print media. The idea was to manage positive perceptions of the government among the people.
However, sources said, Bukhari was unable to fully discharge his duties in those areas, which increased the differences between him and the government.
“He tried to become relevant by appearing in news shows but nothing worked,” sources said. “He could not write speeches nor could he form a positive perception among the masses. He resigned.”
Despite repeated attempts, Bukhari could not be contacted.



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