Civil Society threatens agitation

Civil Society threatens agitation

‘Bring alternative model on GST, hold public debate’

Srinagar: A civil society round table in Srinagar on Thursday threatened ‘civil disobedience’ in case the government went ahead to implement the GST in its present form in Jammu and Kashmir.
Representatives from Hoteliers’ Club, Concerned Citizens Group, RTI Movement, Coalition of Civil Society, National Conference, CPI-M, PDF, AIP, KCCI, FCIK, KEA, KEF, KTMF, CCIK, Young Entrepreneurs Forum, prominent academicians, trade experts and lawyers were among those present in the meeting.
All the participants of the meeting, organised by Kashmir Centre of Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS), were of the view that GST in its present form is completely unacceptable and stands rejected for application to J&K state.
Convened to discuss the GST law, the meeting felt that various adverse impacts of the law could be countered by an alternative law in Jammu and Kashmir, a statement issued by KCSDS here said.
“During a prolonged discussion, it was also resolved that J&K government should come out with an alternative model of GST, which takes care of fiscal autonomy, as well as economic realities of the state,” said the statement.
“It was further resolved that J&K government should put the said model in public domain for thorough discussion by various stakeholders for their concrete suggestions.”



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  1. S bmniac   June 30, 2017 at 7:35 am

    Mr Drabu is a sound economist. The opposition is il informed.