Sikh community celebrates International Chabeel Day

Sikh community celebrates International Chabeel Day

Offer sweet water and dates to Muslims

Srinagar: Sikh community in Srinagar Sunday celebrated the event of International Chabeel (sweet water) Day. Special arrangements were made by the community members for the Iftaar. They offered sweet water (babri byol) and dates to the majority community at the time of Iftaar.
“Chabeel signifies the essence of positivity in the time of adversity. And at this time when the situation in valley is adverse we wanted to spread the message of peace and harmony. Whatever the situation prevails in the valley we have always been at par with the majority community of the valley”, Jagjeet Singh said.
This effort of Sikh community was also appreciated by the members of majority community. “I was traveling towards home but couldn’t home at time and was glad to see members of Sikh community offering sweet water and dates for opening the fast. It gives a good message of communal harmony and brotherhood which is prevailing in Kashmir since decades”, said Aijaz Ahmad a traveler.
Volunteers of Basics of Sikhi, Komal Library and other organisations took part in this event organised at Sanat Nagar Bye Pass crossing at the time of iftaar.


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