Effects of Corporate Propaganda on Social Structures

Effects of Corporate Propaganda on Social Structures
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Mudasir Sheikh

Last two centuries have witnessed an increased use of sophisticated mind control techniques for moulding societies according to the whim of elite individuals, corporations and governments. This psychological warfare is used to divert attention, mislead and anesthetize the brain of masses. The propagandists use deceptive name like “public relations industry” for hiding their intentions and real identity, but truth is that, public relations industry and propaganda are two sides of the same coin. By altering mass perceptions they reshape reality and manufacture consent for achieving predetermined goals. Actually these propagandists act like “social engineers” for designing societies according to their choice. These social engineers have exploited human psychology for yielding absolute control over masses on the behalf of their masters.
The elite 1% of global population has turned the other 99% into slaves by successfully employing different methods of propaganda. These techniques have been effectively used for selling consumer goods, manufacturing consent for waging wars and for promoting modern slavery through globalization. Humans tend to think themselves as rational beings, but actually what we speak, think and hear has been socially engineered at some point in history. The social engineers considered human as mere robots which can be programmed for a specific behaviour. It is the ruling class who decide how humans as a species have to live, but ordinary working classes are completely in darkness regarding the social engineering phenomenon. The public relations industry is multi-billion dollars in worth, but what it is, how does it influence people and who invented it, are some interesting questions.
The history of public relations industry is linked to Edward Bernays who was born in Vienna Austria in 1891 and later he and his family moved to New York City. He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and was highly interested in studying human psychology. Edward Bernays was the first person who incorporated human psychology into the public relations industry. In 1920he was hired by “American Tabaco Company” for expanding the sales of “lucky strike cigarettes”. Women were considered as highly lucrative target market for sales expansion, but there were couple of barriers related to this. Like lucky strike cigarette pack was dark green in color and women were uninterested in this color, second it was an unusual thing for a woman to smoke in public.
Edward Bernays addressed these problems in an effective way. He consulted French designers to introduce dark green color into their latest fashion line in order to make it a premier color of the season. Also. advertisement campaigns were launched for linking smoking with women liberation. Young woman were instructed to march through streets while smoking thus an illusion was created, that cigarettes were “torches of freedom”. These campaigns were highly successful and sales of lucky strike cigarettes dramatically expanded. People ,at the time , perceived smoking as a tool for gender equality, instead as propaganda to expand sales of cigarettes, which is a highly desirable feature as propagandists always try to hide their real purpose and identity.
Later in 1950s Edward Bernays was hired by “Beech-Nut Packing Company” for promoting egg and bacon as a breakfast in USA. It is because of propaganda techniques that till now egg and bacon are a preferred breakfast in US. Before Edward Bernays generally light breakfast was popular in United States. “Committee on public relation” successfully employed propaganda techniques of Edward Bernays for raising public support regarding the engagement of US in world war one. From selling consumer goods to wars, propaganda techniques have opened a secret door for governments and corporations regarding manipulation of habits and opinions of general public. These techniques are still used on mass populations without being noticed.
Modern education system, public relations industry and mass media are three powerful methods of social engineering. These methods are being used by propagandists to fulfil their vision of completely controlled societies by mentally enslaving the masses. Modern education is turning children of today into pre-programmed citizens of tomorrow of so called globalized world. This is the result of psychological warfare through education that has altered the perception of reality of every individual to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to derive a sensible conclusion in the matters of their family, community or nation. Despite huge material progress, on the one side, there is substantial rise of social evils. Is education only meant to colonize other planets or is it to make our planet a prosperous and happy place to live?
Highly intelligent candidates are being selected for serving executive branches of government like “Indian administrative service”, but what is the end result? I think more corruption, rapes, robberies, and riots, social and political instability. How is it possible that despite the fact the selected candidates are intelligent persons but have miserably failed to solve major social, political and economic problems. It is not their fault, it is the fault of the system as a whole.
When consumerism was first promoted, it was designed to encourage people to buy stuff they do not need. Things which are hardly useful like Rs. 70,000 I-Phone are being sold like hot cakes; people who brought them think themselves as superior beings than their fellow ones who donot own the same. It is a common sense that a particular mobile device cannot make you superior in any way. But, unfortunately masses do not understand the corporate propaganda behind the scenes. A person is indulged into habit of buying more and more costly but useless stuff in order to feel better than others. It is very unfortunate for human species that majority among us are unaware about the fact that we are being exploited by elite minority through propaganda techniques.
Globalization is another slogan of propaganda industry for empire building. It has been designed to exploit the resources and labour of poor countries in order to produce stuff that can be sold in the developed countries. Huge stuff is being produced by employing slave labour and cheap resources from China and African countries, which is then exported to the developed parts of the world and sold to consumers. Majority of the people in those countries do not afford the stuff, so they are facilitated by bankers to take out loans. Later they work day and night to pay back their loans. It is the other side of the story that only a few among them pay back the debts during their life time. When people in USA failed to pay back their housing loans in 2008 it subsequently caused the subprime crisis which brings the US economy on the brink of collapse.
Children across the globe are being targeted by propagandists to turn them into consumer slaves of tomorrow. Every year corporations in USA spend about $12 billion on advertisement that are specially targeted at children. A two year old baby in US can differentiate between two brands of the same product, by the time they have turned to three they start asking for branded items. Up to the age of seven the average child in US has seen about 20,000 commercials per year. Things are not different on other parts of the world as satellite television has penetrated almost every house hold in the world. On the other side people are so ignorant about the real world that 85% of US adult population failed to locate Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel on the world map. 30% of US citizens cannot find Pacific Ocean on the map 75% does not know the population of their own country and strangely 11% people in US failed to locate their own country on the map.
The ruling elite have created an illusion of materialism through propaganda, for their own benefit. They want to rule us by manipulating our thoughts. We are natural and emotional beings created by the divine authority. We are not superficial spenders, cattle or robots, as they treat us. We need to turn ourselves towards the original source of truth and away from corporate propaganda and bogus banking system, only the equality, prosperity and peace will prevail on our beautiful planet.

—The author is an Independent Researcher. He can be reached at:mudasir.shk01@gmail.com

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  1. Qamar   June 28, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    100% agree with the author. The words Human beings should now be replaced by consumers.
    The bottom line is that we should follow the life of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).