Army terrorises another Shopian village

Army terrorises another Shopian village

SHOPIAN: Army soldiers from a newly-established garrison at Nagisharan in Shopian allegedly attacked Kundalan village on Friday afternoon, beating up villagers, looting shops and damaging property, and then returned again in the night to damage more vehicles and windows of residential houses.
A boy of the village, Amir Rashid Dar, was traumatised when he saw the soldiers beating up people and damaging property. The Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Shopian told Kashmir Reader that the boy was in trauma when his parents brought him to the hospital and he was being kept under observation.
The army had recently established a garrison 1.5 kilometers away from Kundalan village at Nagisharan.
Villagers told Kashmir Reader that army soldiers came to the village on Friday at 3 in the afternoon and started smashing vehicles and beating whoever came in their way. “The soldiers tied my hands with a rope and started beating me with sticks and gun butts. I still don’t know why they beat me and what was my fault,” said a youth from the village.
A group of youths told Kashmir Reader that the soldiers beat everyone they found in the village, even though there was no stone-throwing or any provocation.
Villagers said that the soldiers returned later at midnight and started damaging the window panes of several houses, as well as of two mosques. They also smashed about a dozen parked cars. “We had parked six cars in our garage that belonged to our neighbours and relatives. The soldiers broke our gate and smashed all the cars at 1am in the night,” said Mohammad Subhan, a resident of Kundalan village.
Villagers said that the soldiers also looted many shops during the day. Villagers said that the soldiers ransacked shops of grocery, car accessories, and others. “Motors used for spraying have gone missing, worth two-lakh rupees,” rued a shop owner.
Locals said that the soldiers fired guns when they came at night. “They fired several rounds of bullets, which created panic in the village. we were terrorised at hearing gunshots in the night,” a villager said.
Army soldiers have attacked several villages in Shopian in recent days.
Defence spokesperson Colonel Rajesh kalia denied the allegations.


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  1. Debdeep Gangopadhyay   July 22, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    The kasmiri bastards should be kicked Where ever n whenever possible, and if asks for azaadi, burn them alive and provide them with eternal azaadi… that’s the only way to stop this nonsense going on for last bloody so many decades.


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