Rallies taken out for Youm-e-Quds and Youm-e-Kashmir

Rallies taken out for Youm-e-Quds and Youm-e-Kashmir

Strict restrictions in Srinagar’’s downtown

Srinagar: The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan was observed as Youm-e-Qadoos and Youm-e-Kashmir across the Valley. Strict restrictions were imposed by government forces in Srinagar’s downtown. Apart from heavy deployment of forces, barricades and concertina wires were laid across roads to stop public movement.
Amid restrictions, rallies were taken out to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and Kashmir in their struggle for their human and political rights. The call for observing Youm-ul-Vada as Youm-e-Quds and Youm-e-Kashmir was issued by joint resistance leadership.
Rallies were taken out in Zadibal, Abi Guzar, Budgam, Magam, Baramulla Jamia Masjid, Ghamdu Sonawari, Jamia MasjidBeerwah, Shrine of Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi Chadoora, Jamia Masjid Inderkoot, Imambara Chattargam, Jamia Masjid Nowgam Sumbal, Jamia Masjid Sooth Katarbagh, Imambara Khrewan Pulwama and Imambara Sofipora Pahalgam, among other areas of Kashmir.
The Anjuman Shari Shia observed Youm-e-Qadoos and Youm-e-Kashmir to condemn the continuous occupation of Israel in Palestine and India in Kashmir. People who participated in the rallies across Kashmir raised slogans in favour of Palestine and against Israel.
The Hurriyat (M) spokesperson said that that Youm-e-Quds and Youm-e-Kashmir were observed wherever the authorities allowed Friday prayers at central mosques. “On this occasion, a resolution from the joint resistance leadership in support of the resistance movement was presented and endorsed by the gatherings,” the spokesperson said.
More than fifteen people, one of them a minor girl and a CRPF man, were injured today during clashes in main town Anantnag, following Friday congregational prayers.
Clashes had rocked the town last night as well as devotees observed Shab-e-Qadr across Kashmir valley.
Youth in Anantnag after Friday prayers hit the streets and clashed with government forces including police and CRPF.
The clashes were reported from old town areas of Lal-Chowk, Malaknag, Reshi Bazar, Mattan Adda and several other localities.
To curb the protests government forces, deployed in strength, resorted to tear smoke shelling, pellet firing and stun grenade firing leaving more than a dozen people injured.
Of the injured at least six people with pellet injuries were treated at Anantnag district hospital, the doctors at the hospital told Kashmir Reader.
“Among the injured one minor girl was brought in with pellet injuries to her head,” a doctor said, adding that the girl was stable after treatment.
During the clashes a CRPF man was also injured after being hit in the head with a stone.
Clashes were also reported in Anantnag town late last night.
Youth attacked the Sherbagh police post with stones at about 9:30 in the evening.
Soon after the police men used tear smoke shells to disperse the protesting youth. The clashes continued through better part of the night.
The youth and policemen fought pitched battles while excessive use of tear smoke shells left devotees in large attendance at local mosques suffocated.


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