VC Handloom, Handicraft Development concerned over decline of the sector

VC Handloom, Handicraft Development concerned over decline of the sector
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Srinagar: Nizamudin Bhat Vice Chairperson for Handloom and Handicraft Development corporations has expressed deep concern over the decline in activity in these vital sectors resulting in huge financial deficit and distress to thousands of workers and artisans.
He said that it is unfortunate that previous governments has shown complete apathy towards Handloom and Handicraft and the worst is closing significant show rooms and sales out lets including one at Prithvi Raj Road New Delhi. Such an attitude dipped the sales of Handicraft goods adversely and the turnover.
Bhat said that no effort has been made to change over to new avenues post militancy. Not only the corporations but the artisans, weavers and other related craftsmen and workers were left wanting in support and incentives. He said the review of the corporations shows that state has lagged behind in marketing of goods at state, national and international markets as the instruments of promotion turned sick. He said state is not only well behind in competition, but the very survival of the art is at stake.
Bhat said if the state loses its artisan base in handicrafts and handloom and it will come as a big blow to attempts for sustaining economy through the indigenous resource base. He said society also will lose a tradition of substance and Kashmir’s identity will be biggest loser in the loss of a key component of fame.
Underlining the importance of indigenous art and skill, Bhat said present dispensation should take early steps for financial re-engineering through appropriate restructuring of the two PSU’s.
He said that if precarious financial and lack of production and desired marketing is allowed to prevail, local economy will suffer a lot and avenues of self employment through skills and art will further dwindle.
Bhat said it is high time that government realises the damage being done to economic sustainability in the state sooner than later and comes out with a revival plan with clear objective of economic engagements. If that is not done distress in the society will further aggravate to cause immense uncertainty.
He hoped that government will rise to the occasion without delay.


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