Murdered British woman was not raped in houseboat

Murdered British woman was not raped in houseboat
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Dutch national says jail authorities victimize him, deny medical facilities

SRINAGAR: Dutchman Richard de Wit, accused in the murder case of British national Sara Elizabeth Rose, on Wednesday complained to the court that he is being punished for lodging complaints against the jail authorities.
He told a subordinate court that the jail authorities provided him bedding used by a person who died four months ago. He said that his health condition is deteriorating with each passing day.
“I am being punished for complaining. Some chemical is being mixed in drinking water provided to me that has deteriorated my health,” Richard said seeking proper medical help.
The court has in the previous hearing issued directions to the superintendent of central jail Srinagar to provide medical help to the under-trail foreigner but he repeated his complaint that no medical help has been provided to him.
“They (jail authorities) took me to a psychiatrist at Rainawari hospital (psychiatric diseases hospital). No medical checkup was done on my body,” he told the court while showing his veins visible on arms.
He pleaded for shifting to a special jail. However, the judge told him that there was no provision for separate or special jail for any under-trial.
The court recorded statements of two doctors who had carried the autopsy of the murdered British national.
Pathologist Shah Moammer told the court that he has taken the samples from body of the deceased for FSL analysis and no organ was removed entirely from the body. He also stated that the intestines of the deceased were not intact.
Gynaecologist Nahida Ali said that no sperm was detected in the deceased’s body negating the possibility of rape. She also stated that heart had been taken out during autopsy to find out if the victim died of heart attack.
The court issued directions to the prosecution to provide de Wit a copy of the transcription of doctors’ statement so that he could plead for himself in the forthcoming trial.
The court further directed the Investigating Officer (IO) to provide all the records regarding the money and other belongings of the accused, which have been retrieved from his possession.
The court has already allowed the accused to plead for him. Richard pleaded before the court that he was innocent and has not murdered the British national.
British tourist Sara Elizabeth Rose was found dead in a houseboat in Dal Lake on April 6, 2013. As per the charge sheet filed by police, De Wit murdered Rose inside the houseboat where the two were staying and he fled from the scene. He was arrested from Qazigund while trying to escape TOWARDS Jammu.
The British High Commission in New Delhi is keenly watching the court trial and usually sends a representative to Srinagar to watch the proceedings.


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