Increasing Islamophobia

Increasing Islamophobia
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Two reported incidents of violence –one in Virginia , United States, where a young Muslim teenage girl was killed outside a Mosque and the other, in London where an enraged White native rammed his car into a group of worshippers again outside a Mosque- suggest hate crimes inspired by Islamophobia are on the increase in the West. While some may state that these two are isolated incidents, but sober analysis, commentary and studies carried out by sober and well respected media outlets, news portals and other assorted credible groups, have all pointed out that Islamophobia is on the increase in the West. Islamphobia can be defined as “ intense dislike of Muslims and Islam and prejudice towards both”. While there have always been undercurrents of Islamophobia in Western societies, but this phenomenon appears to have increased after September 11 and related events. Throw in warped media coverage of Islam and Muslims, and a combustible mix of Islamophobia is arrived at. All this has been exacerbated by the assumption of Donald Trump to the United States’ presidency. Trump’s ant- Muslim reflex and strong populism, one prong of which was anti Muslim and Islam, appears to have created a permissive environment in the United States where Muslims are viewed as targets and are being targeted. Muslims, it may be stated, are a fixture, in Western societies now; that is, on account of refugee flows or plain immigration, Muslims are part and parcel of Western societies. Islamophobia, either as a concept or the actions that flow from it, can potentially lead to polarization of societies in the West where mistrust and suspicion rule the roost. Having said all this, it is also a fact that soon after the London attacks, there was condemnation in the strongest possible terms of the attacks by parties and leaders across the spectrum. This sensibility, however, has not been observed in India where cow vigilantes have murdered Muslims in the name of so called “ cow protection”. Not a word has been uttered by powers that be re these bloody and murderous incidents against Muslims in India. Perhaps, all this goes on to suggest different sensibilities. But , it does not change the fact of Islamophobia and Islamophobia inspired attacks against Muslims in the West. Prudence dictates that before it becomes a trend, Islamophobia needs to be nipped in the bud. This would naturally need the support and cooperation of both Muslims and non- Muslims in the West and perhaps even across the world.

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  1. G. Din   June 22, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Just remember the Negro was brought to Americas nearly 300 years back. There remains a hugely racial bias against them even today even though they subscribe by and large to Christianity, the religion of the majority. If that is the case for Christian Negro, what do you think will happen with Christian -hating, unassimilable Muslims and Islam? Polarization occurs only when the poles are of nearly equal strength. Come out of the fantasy-land of Muslims being anywhere near the strength of Christians in the West. Muslims live in the West at the mercy and pleasure of Christians. Gulp that down and come out of the la-la land of imaginary importance.


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