The Under Dog’s Secret: Never Give Up!

The Under Dog’s Secret: Never Give Up!

Ecstatic joy is the word that perhaps best describes the general mood that descended upon Kashmir after Pakistan’s emphatic and convincing victory over India. The question is why? Two broad interpretations can be made about the victory. One pertains to Kashmir and the other has a tangential bearing on it but ,in the main , constitutes a general point. The first is overtly psychoanalytic. Kashmiris eruption into ecstatic victory can be explained by the process of transference. The people of Kashmir genuinely feel and deem themselves to be victims- victims of nature, the conflict and the choked and restrictive political spaces and life in Kashmir. When Pakistan- which was held to be a veritable underdog in the Champion’s Trophy- won- a process of psychological transference took place and the Kashmiri psyche and emotional world(s) erupted in unalloyed joy. The victim empathized with the potential victim but when the potential victim turned the tables and won, the victim felt that he had won. This is one major explanation of the emotion that defined Kashmir after Pakistan’s victory other than the obvious. The other , which is , in the nature of a general point or even lesson is that people or individuals should never give up. Be it personal or collective goals, career goals or ambition, or battling an illness or a “hopeless” situation in life, and so on, one should never ever give up. Pakistan’s trajectory in the Champion’s Trophy is an eloquent reminder of the never give up theme and idea. The country started as an underdog and was written off by most commentators and analysts. But, even after a mammoth defeat to India, Pakistan stuck to the game with determination, assiduousness and verve. It made such a superb comeback that ultimately the country won the Trophy in a convincing way and that too against a team that was deemed to be invincible. In essence, Pakistan never gave up. This should be our motto in all aspects of our lives. Determination breeds courage and courage breeds success. If we- as individuals and society- keep on working sincerely and honestly towards our genuine goals , then success is likely to come our way. But key to all is sincerity and determination. If both are in balance and we work assiduously towards our goal(s), then even God helps and changes destinies. This is the lesson of Pakistan’s victory over India.

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  1. SkB_Australia   June 20, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    If that was the case Porkystan should have been a peaceful , prosper country not 2 separate jihadi countries called Bangladesh & pukkystan
    It’s jihadi mentality of Muslims in general they will never live in peace – doesn’t matter where they live


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