Merry day on social media

Merry day on social media
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Srinagar: The Valley’s netizens celebrated their favourite team’s emphatic win over arch-rival India by congratulating each other and praising the Pakistani cricket team for its trouncing of India.
“Congratulations Kashmir! Enjoy and celebrate. It is Eid tomorrow. It has been over a year you haven’t celebrated. Get out, shout out loud, dance in a trance, and just enjoy. Make most of it. The occupiers have strangulated every opportunity of hope and joy. But today, you must feel happy and radiate your happiness towards other fellows – family and friends and neighbours,” wrote Murtaza Shibli on his Facebook timeline.
Remarking on the tension with which Kashmiris viewed the match, one Facebook user wrote: “The news is that even the cardiologists have hired other cardiologists in case of emergency.”
Journalist Hilal Mir narrated how he coped with the tension of the match: “I stopped watching cricket after Pakistan lost to India in Mohali. It is a drag on already frazzled nerves. But today, I wanted Pakistan to win. So from 3pm onward I had been removing weeds from flower beds in our garden in the hope that each blade of grass removed will push the Indian team toward defeat. Learnt, it is happening. Call it magic realism, or whatever you like. I will dash to the garden again. Yes, in darkness. There are weeds enough, still. You can thank me by buying me a nice lunch after Eid. It is only a game, but who will want to see a smile on Arnab Goswami’s smug face. Let him die of heart attack, or high blood pressure, who cares.”
Referring to the commentary of Indians on the match, Nayeem Mohammad humorously pointed out: “Venomous, vicious –these are the only words Indian commentators are using to describe the Pakistan bowlers. Sounds like Pakistani bowlers, too, are terrorists (for India).”
When the Indian batting line-up, considered as the strongest among all the teams participating in the tournament, collapsed before the bowlers of Pakistan, Imtiyaz Alam wrote on his timeline – “Massacre of India 11 in Oval. Pakistan should be declared a terrorist state.”
Following the win by Pakistan, firecrackers were burst all over the Valley and at many places rallies and processions were taken out to celebrate the win. “You there, can you hear the referendum of ttaas!” Shahnaz Bashir wrote.
“In Srinagar its crackers bursting from all sides as if it is Diwali. I pray for safety of red cheeks,” tweeted Naseer Ganai.
When the match was still being played at Oval and fireworks had already started in Kashmir, Najeeb Mubarki tweeted: “The match is only half over and the fire crackers have already started in Kashmir. Might be an early Eid.”
“Today no magic will work for India because the devil is caged in Ramadhan,” wrote Mudasir Zahoor on his Twitter handle.



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