Speaker turns down Rasheed’s resolution

Speaker turns down Rasheed’s resolution

Legislator sought to condemn Major Gogoi

SRINAGAR: The Awami Itehad Party (AIP) leader Abdul Rashid Sheikh moved a resolution in the house on Saturday, asking the legislators to unanimously condemn Major Leetul Gogoi for using Farooq Dar as a human shield.
However, the resolution was turned down by the assembly speaker Kavinder Gupta.
“I will present the resolution against Leetul Gogoi in the house for condemnation,” Rashid said, as he was contested by BJP legislators over the issue. Later, he sent a hand written resolution to the speaker for approval. However, the speaker did not approve it. Following this the house adjourned for an indefinite period.
As the legislators remained unmoved, Rashid mocked the house saying as to why the house was silent over the issue. “Why is nobody speaking?” Rashid said.
Major Gogoi and his soldiers caught Dar and tied him with the bonnet of an army jeep during polling on 9th of April at Utligam village in central Budgam district. He was paraded through a dozen villages before being released at the 53 RR camp at Raiyar. His release was sought by village elders who had to plead with the army to release him.
While addressing the house, Rashid in a fiery tone said he will speak on behalf of army and police since they were also being killed in Kashmir conflict.
“I will speak on behalf of them since nobody speaks on their behalf,” Rashid said. “They are being sacrificed on the altar of nationalism and patriotism.”
Referring to GM Saroori, the legislator said the house should not condemn Israel as they were a better country. Rashid said the legislators have lost their credibility among the people as none among them could go and condole with the families of dead civilians.
The legislator said the congress back stabbed the Kashmiris while as BJP was more brazen in their assault against Kashmiris. He also demanded that police should stop harassing the family members of the militants.


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