Opposition charges govt with ‘state terrorism’

Opposition charges govt with ‘state terrorism’

Stop implementing RSS agenda, open the door for talks: NC

SRINAGAR: While expressing strong concern over the deteriorating situation in Kashmir which “could engulf entire south Asia”, the opposition legislators stressed upon the government to hold talks to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Opposition legislators staged a protest outside the legislature against the killing of civilians in Kashmir before the special session began this morning.

Holding placards that read “RSS Ka agenda Bandh karo” (Stop promoting RSS agenda), “Stop state terrorism” and “Stop use of pellet guns against the students”, the legislators protested the actions of government forces which resulted in civilian deaths in Kashmir.

“The government is not bothered about the state. There is complete chaos. Nobody knows what is happening in Kashmir,” National Conference general secretary, Ali Mohammad Sagar, told reporters. “This government should be made accountable. They have failed in all sectors.”

When the session started, speaker Kavinder Gupta paid tributes and read out obituaries for Girish Chander Saxena, former governor of the state, Ali Mohammad Naik, former speaker of J&K Assembly, Syed Nizamudin Shah, former member Indian parliament, and former MLAs Rishi Kumar Koushal and Shanti Devi.

As soon as the house was set in motion, NC’s Mohammad Shafi Uri was the first to speak. Uri said that during the year 2016, scores of people have died. He said since March, even colleges, schools and universities have been rocked by protests during which dozens of students have sustained injuries.

“From past few days civilians have died, police personnel have died, it is a moment of grief,” NC legislator said. “The state is imposing terrorism in Kashmir and the current situation is the making of the present government,” he said.

Uri said he was surprised how Indian government, and particularly the home minister, made statements that they will find a solution to Kashmir issue.

“However, on the other hand, they have closed the doors for parleys. How will you find the solution of Kashmir when you close the door,” Uri questioned.

“You cannot stop the resistance by means of power and military. In the Ireland movement, talks at the end brought solution. In other places of conflict like North East, which continues till date, the government is talking to the Naaga rebels. Their Naaga leaders come from Burma and hold talks in Delhi. Why have you then stopped talks here,” he added.

Pointing at PDP-BJP ‘Agenda of Alliance’, Uri said “You want to hold talks with all the stake holders. Where are the talks?”

Instead of blaming others, the NC legislator said government should talk on the table with everyone, whether you agree with them or disagree. “Delhi is on the path of aggression and so is the state government,” Uri said.

The NC legislator said the situation in Kashmir was serious and if efforts are not taken to douse the fire, it will burn the region.

“Keeping in view the month of Ramadaan, government should have called for unilateral ceasefire and ended the crackdowns,” Uri said. “That path of talks should be explored. The state sponsored terrorism does not solve the problems, but makes them worse”.

Congress leader GM Saroori said the situation was alarming in Kashmir and has reached colleges and schools. He said the government used pellet guns to deteriorate the situation in Kashmir.

Saroori claimed that government was using Israeli pellet guns to blind Kashmiris while as the coalition government was only implementing the agenda of RSS, BJP and Shiv Sena in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The government did not express sympathy for the civilians killed by the forces. Why?,” he questioned.

The NC leader Jitendra Singh said that government was responsible for destroying the house on the behest of somebody sitting in Delhi.

Addressing the assembly, CPI (M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said that government should look for a solution for Kashmir.

“We have to look ahead of road and listen to the voices of dissent. We have to talk to each other so the common minimum voice emerges. It is our issue (Kashmir) and we should not be silent. Time and again using army is not the solution to the problem. It is a dangerous situation for the sub continent. It needs to be addressed,” Tarigami said.

Peoples Democratic Front leader, Hakeem Mohamamd Yasin, too regarded the situation “tense”. “Prime minister has the ability to address the Kashmir issue since he has mandate. He should intervene,” Yaseen added.

Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh also expressed concern over the death of civilians and forces personnel. He, however, said the government will continue to fight against the terrorism.