An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti

An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti
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By Zubair Rashid

Respected Mehbooba Mufti:
I am an aboriginal citizen of Jammu and Kashmir. I come from a small hamlet of district Baramulla. With dreams in eyes, I try my best to focus on my goal as every aspirant of the world does. All of my classmates, my friends and my native students dream as such. In this valley, which has always been interpreted as a paradise on earth, nothing sounds like surreal and nothing holds paradise’s hinge. Every alternate day something happens. This hinders our life and pauses our dreams.
Recently, Pakistan tested 5G and successfully initiated the process of 5G. In this trending era of science and technology, we, in Kashmir, however, are deprived of the basic facility of internet every next week. There seems no difference between the neolithic man who lived in burzahom, Kashmir during neolithic age and us today. To his advantage though , internet used not to decide future of mankind but nowadays, it does. We have been restricted to 2G or at times no internet. Maybe, this would be part of your peace policy, but what benefit when it affects our studies and shatters our dreams.?
In the past 36 hours, 10 of our brothers were killed. It is very saddening to witness such moments. Whosoever is killed, Kashmir suffers. Whether militants are killed or policeman are killed, in between Kashmir is caught at the edge of nowhere. Both are our brothers. It is more of a clash against each other where one brother decides to eliminate the other one. Consequently, Kashmir wails and mourns the loss. Before conveying the thoughts of nationalism, we must understand that we are humans first and we have been created equal. To end this bloodshed and delirium that is prevalent on both fronts, as the representative of the people of Kashmir, you should at least initiate some peace talk involving both India and Pakistan.
Madam, we are human beings. We also want to live peacefully. We want to reach the heights. We want to witness joyful interactions. We want to live happily. We want to compete with the best in the world. We want to stare fellow human beings in their eyes with pride and passion. We want to witness normalcy and live happily.
All this can only happen when India, Pakistan and Kashmir will agree on one agenda: Agenda of peace.
As a Kashmiri, I hope you feel the same as i feel. I hope your eyes shed tears when children as small as 5 are murdered mercilessly. I hope you share the same pain as the mother’s of pellet ridden boys do. I hope you care for Kashmir in the same way as we do. I hope you want to witness moments of peace in a similar way as we do. I hope so. I hope the same query haunts you too as it haunts me: for how long we will suffer?

—Zubair Rashid Is A Student Of Humanities At University Of Kashmir. He Is an aspiring Civil Servant And Hails From Baramulla. He can be reached at: [email protected]


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