Full Circle

Full Circle

The escalation and frequent incidence of militant attacks, a condition eerily similar to the 90’s in South Kashmir and the broader political breakdown suggests that Kashmir has turned full circle. After many years of having been on the defensive, militants are on the offensive now; hardly a day passes without any news of a militancy related incident. The question is why has Kashmir reverted to square one(almost)- so to speak?In a way or in more senses than one, the putative conditions that are developing in Kashmir are somewhat inevitable. The reasons , in the main , pertain to the truculence , denial and stonewalling by powers that be. The default reflex of these powers has been to contain and manage the conflict in Kashmir and thereby attempt to freeze the conflict over Kashmir dimension. However, containment and management, complemented by developments of a political nature – the footprint that the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) gave to the Indian far right party, the Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)- added or accorded intense salience to the extant dispute or conflict in and over Kashmir. Kashmir, by way of an analogy, on account of these factors and developments, became like a “pressure cooker” with no valves. The steam had to explode and it did- in 2016 post the killing of Burhan Wani, the popular militant commander and now the increased incidence of militancy and militant attacks. In all likelihood, these developments might acquire a more intense hue. The question that this should raise in the minds of powers that be is Kashmir and Kashmiris cannot be contained and browbeaten. Conflict management measures and containment thereof can only lead to development and crystallization of the conflict in different avatars; the conflict, in a nutshell, will not go away. This should concentrate the minds of powers that be. Instead of truculent denial and the assorted but petty politics that flows from this, conflict resolution must be on the minds of these powers. The nature of the conflict resolution, must correspond to a multi stakeholder dynamic wherein all stakeholders- especially the people of Kashmir- must be on board. Failing this, Kashmir is set to veer or gyrate to a dynamic and condition , which we are witnessing- gradually but inexorably. Prudence then suggests or even dictates that nettles be grasped and a sober, multi stakeholder, conflict resolution paradigm be instituted- sooner the better.

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  1. G. Din   June 23, 2017 at 12:14 am

    “… militants are on the offensive now;…”
    This should be a welcome development. That is what Gen. Rawat wishes and I am sure the majority too that backs him. Do not stop at stone-pelting. Fight like revolutionaries. Follow the example of Palestinian Hamas and keep on celebrating martyrdom and burying martyrs.


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