Father ‘killed’ by daughter and son-in-law

Father ‘killed’ by daughter and son-in-law

Court records witness in murder case

SRINAGAR: A trial court in Srinagar recorded a witness in a murder case where a father was allegedly killed by his daughter and son-in-law in 2013. The duo allegedly erected a temporary bathroom at the place where the man’s body was burial.
The witness, Mohd Yaseen Chichi from Rajouri, deposed before court that he had been coming to Srinagar for ten years for work when in 2013 he took the responsibility to watch an orchard in Harwan. He said that Abdul Rahman Chichi, the victim, along with his daughter, Naseema, and son-in-law, Mohd Rafiq Bajrang, lived in the neighbouring orchard.
The family, witness said, told him that Abdul Rahman Chichi had gone missing after he went to fetch medicine. He said that it had been six days since Chichi went ‘missing’, but the family did not inform the police or try to find him out.
Naseema and Bajrang later moved to Kangan, their native place. Police summoned the daughter and her husband for interrogation a year later, where the duo confessed to police that they had killed Abdul Rahman Chichi and had buried him in the orchard.
According to the case diary, Bajrang was married to Naseema in 2013 on the condition that he will live with Chechi’s family for 10 years to take care of the family. After few days of marriage, the son-in-law began to fight with his father-in-law which ultimately led him to kill him.
The body of the deceased was taken out from a pit in the orchard after a year. As per medical certificate, the body had been fully decomposed, only the skeleton was visible. Also, an injury mark measuring 12cm on the left side of his head was visible. The head was bandaged with a printed scarf and the blood was clotted.
The accused had identified the place of burial and had confessed before police that during a scuffle he had killed his father-in-law.



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