Big weddings are back! SHRC declares govt order banning them ‘illegal’

Big weddings are back! SHRC declares govt order banning them ‘illegal’

Recommends authorities take no action against violators

Srinagar: Terming any order passed by a public servant without authority of law a human rights violation, the State Human Rights Commission on Wednesday declared as illegal a government order that placed an embargo on lavish spending on weddings and other social functions.
“The government has merely stated provisions of the law with respect to implementation but does not refer in its order to the source of power under which such order has been passed. In light of above, the commission feels that order is illegal. Any order passed without authority of law by a public servant in my view would amount to violation of human rights,” SHRC chairman Justice (retd.) Bilal Naski said while hearing a suo-motu case titled ‘Imposition of Restriction on Injudicious Use of Essential Commodities in Social, Government and Private Functions’.
The chairperson recommended that the authorities not take any action in case of violation of the order. The order (37-FCS & CA of 2017), issued on February 20, restricts the number of banquet dishes to be served to seven, while also putting a cap on the number of guests allowed at community gatherings.
The number of guests to be invited for the marriage of a daughter (barat), for that of a son and for small functions like the engagement of a son or daughter and other such functions were restricted to a maximum of 500, 400 and 100 respectively.
Non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes were restricted to a maximum of seven each, and sweets or fruit stalls were to be kept to a maximum of two.
Issued by the Secretary, Consumer Affairs Department, the order asked deputy commissioners of all state districts to implement its restrictions strictly from April 1.
The order had additionally placed a complete ban on dry fruits and packages of sweets etc., being sent with invitation cards by any person to relatives, friends, guests and invitees.
A ban was also imposed on the use of amplifiers, loud speakers and fire crackers in any government or private social function which could create sound beyond the human hearing capacity.
The government had ordered that there should be no wastage of any sort of food items, uncooked or cooked, during such functions. “Even if there is some surplus food items (cooked), same shall not be thrown into dustbins but should be provided to deserving people/old age homes etc after properly preserving/packing the same,” it had directed.


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