Modi govt forcing everyone into silence: Rahul

BENGALURU: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi Monday accused the Narendra Modi-led central government of “forcing everyone into silence with Dalits being beaten up, minorities frightened and journalists and bureaucrats threatened”.
Speaking at a function of the National Herald newspaper here, he said, “The power of truth is being completely replaced with the truth of power and anybody who attempts to speak the truth and stand for it is being pushed aside.”
Gandhi also alleged that thousands of journalists were not being allowed to write what they wanted to. “They (journalists) tell me that they are not being allowed to write what they want to,” he said.
Recalling that he was not allowed to visit Madhya Pradesh during the recent farmers’ protest and Uttar Pradesh and was stopped at the border of both the states, he said, “This is the India we are living in…an India where power will simply manufacture the truth.”
Recollecting a Soviet poet (Yevgeny Yevtushenko), who said, “When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie,” Gandhi said, “This is what the government is trying to do.”
“…Everybody knows what the truth is. But they are scared to say it,” he said at the function where Vice- President Mohammad Hamid Ansari released the National Herald’s commemorative publication to celebrate 70 years of India’s independence.
The Congress vice-president recalled that when the editor of National Herald approached him recently, he told him that there might be times when the paper would want to write things against him or his party or its policies, but “you (editor) should be absolutely comfortable. That is the spirit we expect from National Herald.” “National Herald has a strong spirit. It is not going to be silenced,” he added.
Congress leader Oscar Fernandes, who is on the Board of Directors of the newspaper, said the paper, which was founded by former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1938 and the publication of which was suspended a few years ago, was in the process of reviving its Hindi and Urdu editions as a multi- media outlet.