Indian authorities following obsessive dogma: Geelani

Indian authorities following obsessive dogma: Geelani

‘NIA has no role in Kashmir, our activities transperant’

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, said on Saturday that Indian authorities, instead of implementing a realistic and political approach for the resolution of issue, were following an “obsessive dogma”.
Geelani said this in his presidential address to the executive body (Majlis Shoora) of Hurriyat Conference convened that convened at Hyderpora to assess situation after recent raids by NIA at the residences of pro-freedom leadership.
In a statement issued by the conglomerate, Geelani said that NIA had no role in Kashmir and it was unjustified to drag the agency into Kashmir.
“They (authorities) are using this agency as a war weapon against leadership and to defame and discredit freedom struggle. We have no hidden agenda and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat represents political aspirations of people. Our activities are open, transparent and based on political ideology,” Geelani told the meeting. “As such, people generously support us”.
Geelani accused the government of crossing all limits and alleged that there was “no legal justification for such arbitrary measures” in which Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, its leadership and (its) cadre were the main target.
“It is a pre-planned psychological crackdown, so that they (pro-freedom leaders) surrender and stop voicing the sentiments of their nation, thereby covering and shielding their (authorities’) atrocities and barbarism against unarmed people,” Geelani said in the statement.
The participants of the meeting reviewed and discussed the prevailing situation, which they termed grim.
Geelani said that freedom movement in Jammu and Kashmir was indigenous, and refuted the claims that Pakistan had a hand in it. “Pakistan as a party to the issue supports our right to self-determination on political, moral and diplomatic level,” he said.
Kashmir, the statement said, was an issue of 1.5 million people and Indian leadership at national and international forums has accepted to respect the political aspiration of the people of state.
“India and Pakistan can’t thrust their will and only people in state have right to decide their political destiny,” Geelani said.


One Response to "Indian authorities following obsessive dogma: Geelani"

  1. G. Din   June 11, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    “…only people in state have right to decide their political destiny,” Geelani said.
    Not. Only sovereigns get to decide the destiny of territories and people inhabiting a territory are NOT its sovereign unless and until they snatch that sovereignty from the current sovereign. Those who don’t agree with that are free to go where they find space for their hallucinations. If what Geelani says were a matter of a principal principle, the world would have crowned him the Sultan of Kashmir by now. As it is even Sheikh Abdullah’s wish to be the Sultan of Kashmir was not allowed to materialize and the Sheikh was a pretty popular guy. Your followers number in may be thousands or even tens of thousands. That doesn’t cut it. Study recent history of Kashmir, Geelani.