Geelani expresses grief over Iran attack

Geelani expresses grief over Iran attack
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SRINAGAR: Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday expressed grief and sorrow over the loss of precious human lives in the suicide attack over Iran parliament.
“Those involved in these blasts are not humans, instead trampling all cherished values of humanity,” Geelani said while condemning the suicidal attack.
Geelani also urged Iran to reassess its aggressive policy in Syria and Iraq and said that Iran too is responsible for its oppressive approach and it does not match with human values.
“We condemn human killings and whosoever is involved shall face the wrath of Almighty Allah,” said Geelani, adding “Iran is supporting a despotic ruler in Syria, involved in brutal murder of innocent civilians. We need to be straight forward and Islam teaches us respect and regard for humans irrespective of faith and association and asks to snap ties and association with oppressor and killers”.

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