Zakir calls Muslims across India to join him to fight ‘infidels’

Zakir calls Muslims across India to join him to fight ‘infidels’
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Srinagar: Former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa released a 4-minute audio message on Monday in which he called upon Indian Muslims to shun their “cowardice” and join him in fighting the “infidels”. In his message, Musa referred to the recent rape of a Muslim girl by a policeman in a train in Uttar Pradesh. He said Muslims of India should be ashamed of themselves for not doing anything to get justice for her.
“One of our sisters who was on fast was raped in a running train by a policeman in Bijnore, UP. Sister, I am ashamed that I could not do anything for you,” Musa said.
“The honour of our daughters and sisters is being violated by Indian infidels everyday and our so-called Muslims are talking of Islamic peace,” he said. “They should be ashamed of calling themselves as Muslims.”
He said Indian Muslims had never raised their voices against such atrocities.
“Has the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahabas taught this to us? They sacrificed themselves for the honour of their sisters and daughters,” he said.
He asked Muslims across India to join him to fight Indian atrocities on Muslims. “It is a fight between infidel and Islam. Inshallah, we will establish Islamic rule across the world,” he said.
He said that Indian Muslims should make groups to fight gau-rakhshaks in India. “See how many of our brothers are being killed in the name of gau-rakshaks in India,” he said.
Reacting to the recent video on social media in which three masked gunmen claimed that they belong to his group and had got Hizb commander Sabzar Bhat killed, he said they should come to meet him.
“I want to ask them to come meet me along with your weapon, and give me a chance to serve you,” he said.