Zakir Musa asks his ‘fake’ aides to meet him

Zakir Musa asks his ‘fake’ aides to meet him
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Srinagar: Days after some Indian News Channels claimed that there was hand of Hizbul Mujhadeen Commander Zakir Musa in getting the aide of Buhan Wani, Sabzar Bhat killed, the incumbent commander through his audio message Monday asked those masked men to meet him along with their weapons. “I don’t want to clarify anything but ‘masked men’ (shown in the video) claiming to be my aides must meet me. There is no need to clarify but those who claim to represent me must visit me with their weapons and I will serve them well.”
A 4 minute 15 second audio message of Zakir went viral on social media today.
Pertinently, a report shown by some Indian TV channels had claimed that Hizbul Mujhadeen fighters seem to suspect that a personal messenger close to Musa tipped off the Jammu and Kashmir police about the location of Sabzar Ahmad Bhat’s hideout.
Musa has also expressed anguish over the Bijnoor incident where a Muslim woman was allegedly raped by a Railway Police Constable in a moving train. “It is utterly shameful that Indian Muslims are spineless and don’t act against the perpetrators of such crimes,” he said. He went on saying: “My blood boils when I see Muslims being attacked by Gau Rakshaks. Indian Muslims must form groups to take part in the ‘conquest of Hind’.” (CNS)

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