Five children left stranded again as father re-booked under PSA, sent to Jammu jail

Hajin: The government has slapped a fourth Public Safety Act case on senior Muslim League leader Asadullah Parray for his alleged involvement in organising anti-India protests. Parray is the district president of the party led by jailed pro-freedom leader Masarat Alam.
His family members said Parray was detained under the draconian law for the fourth time and he was sent to Kot Balwal jail in Jammu on Sunday.
Parray has six children—five daughters and a son—who have been left at the mercy of circumstances. His wife died of natural causes three years ago.
“My father was arrested on 21st August 2015. We got court orders for his bail but police continued to detain him until the dossier for the new PSA case was formed. They (police) continuously deceived us on his detention,” Parray’s 18-year-old eldest daughter Mariya Assad told Kashmir Reader.
This is the fourth consecutive time that PSA has been slapped on Parray.
“We are used to his absence from home. He has dedicated his life to the freedom of Kashmir,” she said.
Mariya said that her father’s PSA detention order was quashed by the High Court on April 3 this year and the court had ordered his release.
Since then, Mariya said, he was framed in new cases registered at Hajin police station and was lodged in Baramulla sub jail and Kupwara sub jail.
Mariya said she approached the Bandipora deputy commissioner for the release of her father and pleaded before them to at least lodge him in a Srinagar jail so that his children could meet him.
She said the deputy commissioner told her that Parray would continue to be kept in Kupwara jail but on Saturday morning he was shifted to Kot Balwal jail in Jammu.
Mariya said that the family’s difficult financial condition and the absence of any male member at home has made it difficult for the children to see their father.
She said that one of her sisters has developed a serious skin aliment that is causing her severe pain. Mariya said that Sabreena, 15, needs special treatment and if Paraay was released from jail, he could take her to specialist doctors.
“We were pursuing the case of our father in court and we were hopeful of his release. But now our father has been slapped with another PSA, and to add to our woes he has been sent to Jammu,” Mariya said.
The youngest of Parray’s children, 10-year-old Junaid Assad said that the government should have lodged his father at Srinagar jail so that he and his siblings could go meet him.
Sumaiya, 17, said that she does not understand why the police are not releasing her father when the court has ordered his release. She said the police are framing her father in false cases over and over again. She appealed to the authorities to release him.
Parray has served 8 years in jails for his association with the pro-freedom movement. He faced the worst victimisation during the years of the government-sponsored insurgent Kuka Parray in mid-1996 when Kuka targeted workers and sympathisers of the pro-freedom groups. Parray was associated with the Jamaat-e-Islaami before he joined the Muslim League.
Official sources confirmed that a fresh PSA has been slapped on Assudullah and that he has been sent to Kot Balwal jail in Jammu on Sunday under PSA Dossier DMB/PSA/2017/5 dated 27_05_2015.