‘Arbitrary and coercive act’

APHC condemns NIA raids on Shahid-ul-Islam’s house
SRINAGAR: APHC (M) has strongly condemned the “arbitrary and coercive act” of raiding the house of its media adviser, Shahid-ul-Islam, pro-freedom activists and members of business community by NIA. The conglomerate called it “a bid to harass and scare the resistance leadership from representing the people’s sentiments and their just political struggle”.
At around 6 a.m., the statement said, that a team from NIA came to Shahid’s house with a large contingent of police and paramilitary forces and cordoned his house, sealing all entry and exit points to the road leading to his house. NIA “created fear psychosis in the area as if Shahid was a criminal not a political activist”, the statement said.
“His family, including his daughters, were confined to one room while the house was thoroughly searched and all the belongings were rummaged through till late in the evening,” the statement said.
“As expected,” the statement said, “nothing was found in the house”. The NIA officials took with them documents pertaining to the bank loan papers of Shahid’s house and car, family’s cell phones, insurance policy papers and photographs from the time of APHC visit of Pakistan in 2004, said the statement.
APHC said that people of Kashmir are mature enough to understand that such arm twisting tactics to scare the leadership and malign them by Government of India and their local stooges are actually attempts to take away the focus from the actual problem in Kashmir and distort the narrative of the Kashmir dispute.