On ‘World Milk Day’ Farmers learn Least Cost Ration Formulation

On ‘World Milk Day’ Farmers learn Least Cost Ration Formulation

GANDERBAL: KVK-Ganderbal under the aegis of Division of Animal Nutrition celebrated ‘World Milk Day’ in Ganderbal district on Thursday. This was stated in an official handout issued here.

According to the document, an off-campus theme based workshop “Balanced Feeding of Dairy Cattle for Maximising and Profitable Milk Production” was held in which progressive cattle owners of Saloora, and Bamloora participated.

The farmers were given hands on training on ‘preparation of least cost balanced ration using locally available feed ingredients for dairy cattle’ and were provided free mineral mixture packets.

Dr. Gowher Gull Sheikh, Senior Assistant Professor, Division of Animal Nutrition, SKUAST-K, Dr. Parvaiz Ahmed Reshi, Subject Matter Specialist (Animal Science), KVK-Ganderbal and Dr. NasreenJahan, Subject Matter Specialist  KVK-Ganderbal interacted with the farmers.

Dr. Gull highlighted the importance of balanced feeding of dairy cattle for maximum milk production from dairy cattle and profitability to farmers.

Earlier Dr Reshi educated farmers about prevention and control of common cattle diseases like milk fever, ketosis, pica by ensuring balanced feeding.

“Use locally available and low cost feed ingredients like ricebran, wheatbran, paddy straw, oats, molasses, salts and mineral supplements for ensuring balanced and low costs feeding,” Reshi said while advising the farmers.

Worldwide, June 1 is celebrated as ‘World Milk Day’ to create awareness among farmers about profitable dairy farming.