The Spirit of Ramadan!

The Spirit of Ramadan!

As the first week of Ramadan draws to a close, it might be time to stock take and review our spiritual selves and values thereof.  Ramadan is, among other things, about cleansing of our souls and control over our selves (nafs).  By inference, this then means that the way we comport ourselves,  our general behavioral standards , our approach towards fellow members of society and so on must be of an elevated standard. In short, the spirit of Ramadan must percolate our very beings and selves and it must get reflected in the way we live. This is the spirit of Ramadan. But , alas, as we observe ourselves, and our society, there is much that appears to be wanting.  The aim here is not to criticize or write a general and abstract critique for the sake of criticism or critique but to help ourselves and the spirit of Ramadan into perspective.  Yes, most of us are comporting ourselves to the fard and sunnah aspects of Ramadan: we are fasting, we pray and we feel ourselves spiritually elevated. But, at the same time, is all this translating into empathy and concern for the poor and vulnerable sections of society? Are we taking care and paying attention to the needs of these people who are less unfortunate than us? Do we speak and deal with each gently and as per the Sunnah- especially during Ramadan? While we break our fasts with sumptuous foods and other blessings, do we know or have we sought out people in our neighborhoods who might not have much to eat? These questions can go on and on and the list is rather endless but as a sample of questions, these should get us thinking. At the end of the day, Ramadan or the spirit of Ramadan should make us better human beings and Muslims. Ramadan is not only about abstaining from food and drink but it is a deep and profound spiritual exercise aimed to purify our selves and cleanse us spiritually.  We have to and need to understand this spirit of Ramadan and imbibe it deeply in ourselves. What better day than the first Friday  of the month of Ramadan to introspect and review  and adopt more vigorously the spirit of this Holy month?  The results might be salubrious, spiritually uplifting and not only socially and religiously beneficial but also help us connect to the Divine in a more powerful way!

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