‘I never thought my son will become a militant’

Sopore: Basharat Ahmad Sheikh, 19, resident of Malpora, Bomai village, left his home after having tea in the afternoon with his family in March last year. He said he was going to his aunt’s house in Zaingeer. He was studying in Class 12 at that time at Bomai higher secondary school. He had failed in one of his arts subjects, but he wanted to study more. “Even though he failed in one of the subjects, Basharat had a sound knowledge of Islamic literature and was a dedicated Quran reader,” Mohd Ramzan, Basharat’s father, a farmer by profession, told Kashmir Reader.
“He said he was going to visit his aunt’s house. He told me he will come back by evening but he never returned,” Mohd Ramzan said.
“We lodged a missing complaint at the local police station. We even tried to search for him everywhere, but then police and army started calling me to their camps, telling me to make my son surrender. I was shocked to hear this. I never thought my son will become a militant one day. Today, in the morning, the local police station called me to say that my son had been killed. “I still cannot believe that it is true,” Mohd Ramzan said.
“When I received his body, it was heart-wrenching to see that they had shot him in every body part. The bullet marks were countless. His right eye was disfigured. Killing a small boy like this is inhuman,” the pained father said.
Basharat was buried at the martyrs’ graveyard of Bomai village.