Ajaz wanted to become a lawyer so that ‘nobody has to give money to lawyers’

Ajaz wanted to become a lawyer so that ‘nobody has to give money to lawyers’
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Sopore: Ajaz Ahmad Mir, 23, had left his home in Brath Kalan village in Sopore about a year ago, with the excuse that he was going to university. On Thursday his family received his dead body. People in Brath Kalan knew him by the name of Ajaz Zaingeeri.
“In 2013, my son was pursuing a masters in Arabic at Bhopal University. He came back home on holiday in July the same year to attend the marriage of his cousin. A day after he had come, government forces picked him up from his home, kept him for three days at the army camp at Seelu, Sopore, and then he was taken to the SOG camp at Sopore, where he was kept for a few days before he was shifted to Sopore police station. From there he was taken to Kupwara sub-jail, where he spent some months. He was later shifted to Baramulla sub-jail. He was released after he spent two years in jail,” Abdul Qayoom Mir, father of Ajaz, a fruit trader by profession, told Kashmir Reader.
In jail, Ajaz wrote entrance exams for two courses, one for Masters in Arabic, and the second for an LLB. He qualified both. After his release, he was about to leave his studies but I forced him to study and he obeyed on one condition that he will do an LLB, so that nobody has to give money to lawyers to get justice,” Abdul Qayoom said.
“The government forces picked up my elder son once when they didn’t find Ajaz at home. When Sopore police called me and told me to bring Ajaz to the SOG camp, I called Ajaz and we went there. We returned home at afternoon. When Ajaz entered our house that day, after our eyes met, I started crying. I said to Ajaz, ‘Tell me if this is not enough? What have they done to my family? I am tired now, tell me what to do.’ Ajaz then went to the SSP office, taking along his grandfather. After returning from there, he politely said to me that Abba, don’t worry, everything will be all right. He took his bag of books and left, never to come back,” Abdul Qayoom said.
“We lodged a missing report at Sopore police station, but after some time we came to know from police that my son had joined militant ranks. He did that because of the continuous harassment of police,” Abdul Qayoom said. Ajaz had six siblings, three brothers and two sisters.

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