Flight from Reality

Flight from Reality

The government of India has ruled out talks with pro-freedom leaders in Kashmir and insists that the problem is limited to just five districts of south Kashmir while the rest of the state is “in peace”. In an interview to the IANS,  Union Minister of  India Venkaiah Naidu further said that the trouble in the state was not as widespread as it was made out to be in the media.
“Other than five districts, remaining parts of the state are free from violence. Let us understand this. Except for south Kashmir, the state is in peace. In north Kashmir there is no major problem. In Jammu region, there is no major problem. In Ladakh region, there is no problem.”   Besides the obvious lack of gravitas and depth to Naidu’s assertions, these suffer from semantic issues. So if these statements were nitpicked, so to speak, there is a problem across Kashmir except Ladakh given that Naidu uses a qualifier  in the form of “major” in his remarks. From Naidu’s perspective then, there is a problem but not a major problem in regions that he mentions. Pointing these semantic issues is not an idle exercise. These go to the heart of the issue. Either somebody is leading powers that be in New Delhi up the primrose path or these power are choosing to live in denial vis a vis Kashmir. The centre of gravity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the Kashmir valley. The valley determines and influences what happens in the state- especially politically.  The prosaic fact of the matter is that the entire valley is politically volatile. The reaction to Sabzar’s killing illustrates this point. The district theory propounded by Naidu does not hold water. If, however, Naidu, has militancy in mind then that is an altogether different matter.  The form and shape  of Militancy , generically and historically, emanates from structural set of conditions , some of which may or may not be present in Kashmir contemporarily.  But what is present and intensely so is the sentiment which underpins militancy. This sentiment is wide and deep and cuts across classes and sections of society.  If a certain variable in the overall calculus is thrown in, then conditions for militancy would be ripe in Kashmir. The reasons for delineating and elaborating all this are to put into perspective the conditions that obtain in Kashmir. A realistic picture informed by sobriety should engender prudence and a sense of perspective which , in turn, should entail attempts at conflict resolution. As of now, the picture that Naidu’s remarks suggest, is one that is a comprehensive flight from reality.

2 Responses to "Flight from Reality"

  1. G. Din   June 4, 2017 at 12:48 am

    ” The valley determines and influences what happens in the state- especially politically. ”
    And this is precisely what riles all other regions. No one wants to live under the jackboots of 4-S (Srinagar-Sopore-Sunni-Separatists). It is exactly for this reason that the state is ripe for a quadrifurcation into four separate entities – Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh and Panun Kashmir. This will set free the pent-up energies of the three other regions who want to flourish alongside other states and territories of the Union of India. None of them wants azaadi or autonomy or special articles in the Constitution. Let Kashmir be left alone with Article 370 and a campaign for azaadi or whatever else they want. Ultimately, they will be the losers. Note, there is a write-up on Palestine in this very issue which describes how that 70 year old issue backed by the whole Muslim ummah is now a forgotten issue. May be Kashmiri Sunnis can move the world to hand over what they desire to them. None of the other three are with them. They just want to live like other regions of India prospering alongside the rest of India.

  2. SKChadha   June 1, 2017 at 7:54 am

    The editorial is confused expression? Will somebody elaborate what the solution desired or will come out by relentless and useless talks?