Ramadan Kareem!!

Ramadan Kareem!!
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The Holy month of Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar observed by Muslims all over the world by fasting from dawn to dusk-is about to begin. It is, as is well known, obligatory upon Muslims to fast in this auspicious and holy month. While scientific research has clearly demonstrated the physiological and physical benefits of fasting, and is then a boon for all those fasting, a major significance of Ramadan is spiritual. Fasting in the holy month reorients an individual to the Divine and cleanses the Self spiritually. The trials of fasting also help generate empathy toward the vulnerable and deprived sections of society. Given all this, Ramadan is also about an altered consciousness that is spiritually uplifting and cleansing. While the aim here is not to proselytize but to put matters into perspective, we must seek blessings in the month of Ramadan from the Almighty by striving to make ourselves better and develop our spirituality, moral and spiritual faculties, senses. It can only happen if the raison d’etre of Ramadan penetrates the core of our Beings and Selves. And , this , in turn can happen through deep and sincere Ibadah wherein we must seek Allah’s Mercy, blessings and Graciousness. The fact  of the matter is that, during Ramadan there is a totally different energy amongst all which is defined by a spiritual ingress. We observe and follow all the pillars of Islam diligently and scrupulously. The effects of these percolate down to almost all domains of life and we are all better for it. But the real challenge is that the altered consciousness and deep spirituality that defines us during Ramadan should persist and define us across time. That is, even during months after and before Ramadan. The Holy Quran was revealed during the month of Ramadan. This means and signifies that we must attempt to draw closer to the Holy Quran , imbibe and adapt its teachings and guidelines in our lives. Intensified and intense dhikr( remembrance) of Allah must be the sine qua non of our lives during, before and after Ramadan. Dhikr would keep us aligned towards Allah and help us lead our lives , along with other practices and pillars of Islam, in consonance with the spirit of Islam. The challenge, it bears repetition, is to maintain this approach and orientation , across time. Let us then pledge, on the eve of Ramadan to reorient our selves and comport our lives in consonance with the spirit of Islam.

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