Humiliating Arundhati

Humiliating Arundhati
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Letter to the Editor-I                                               

By Javaid Sultan

Arundhati Roy, an Indian author born in 1961 is best known for her novel “The God of Small Things”. This novel won laurels and fame for her in 1997.Besides publishing this book,  Roy has spent most of her time in political activism and nonfiction .She is also holding a   key position in some globalized  movements .Roy has opposed India’s policy towards nuclear weapon and is openly supportive of  the Kashmiri movement. In 2008, in an Interview with the Times Of India ,  this renowned author expressed her support for the Independence of Kashmir ,after massive demonstrations when  roads flooded with rallies over the Amaranth row.
Arundhati Roy has always mentioned that India is an “occupying force in Kashmir” and is wielding power through the barrel of the gun. Roy has written many essays in favour of the  Kashmir Struggle. She has analyzed that Kashmir is a   wretched existence. In 2011,  Roy wrote  a piece “The Dead Begin to Speak Up in India ” where she also mentioned that  Kashmir is already free country with its own visa regime. It is cut off from the outside world by two concentric rings of border patrols. She always opined that the ultimate right over Kashmir belonged to Kashmiris,and independence is what they wanted ,their choice must be respected .This statement made her the cheer lady of  Kashmiri people. At the time of crisis it was only Arundathi Roy who contested Afzal Guru’s conviction and analyzed it as case based on flimsy evidence. She said that the decision was taken hastily and in unjustified manner.
In a fresh development , BJP MP and Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal tweeted in a tasteless and misogynist manner on the micro blogging site(@SirPareshRawal) ,insinuating that the booker winner author should be tied to an army jeep  instead of a stone pester, in reference to the   9th  April by poll incident at Budgam district. This tweet has taken the people throughout India and the world by storm and has been referred to as an act of arrogance and misrule. This statement of Paresh was in reference to the Roy’s recent statement that even if India increases its military footprint from Seven lakh to 70 lakh in Kashmir, it wouldn’t be able to hold on Kashmir. This tweet has drawn condemnation from various users of this social media platform. Roy is not only a novelist but her role is that of an acknowledged activist of social justice. Being an author, she has roped every corner, beautifully and effectively shown the plight of women in Indian Society. She has symbolized and decorated roles in her fiction in such a manner that they seem so close and relevant to this society. Roy has taken up the issue of feminism to fight for their identity and economic and social freedom. This lady author has made her home in the hearts of millions of people in the country and abroad by the magic of her pen and fight for social justice. Hence, such remarks especially to a woman , on the basis of ideological differences pose thousands of questions everywhere.

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4 Responses to "Humiliating Arundhati"

  1. G. Din   May 28, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Arundhati had just one book in her. The rest in her is what any anti-national traitor has – impotent anger against Hindus superimposed on massive ego that her country does not respect her enormous, though largely absent, intellect. She has already started to wither away. Every cause that she has espoused she has lost. Kashmir will be no different. She will be forgotten before long and remembered only just as a one-book wonder. I wonder what happened to the criminal case that was brought against her for illegally appropriating public land when she built her house. That is the kind of eminence she is.

  2. shangam   July 18, 2017 at 8:03 am

    A shameless one can hog limelight by inciting trouble through her burps in newspaper articles. That does not make her an intellectual or a legitimate truth-presenter. She is cunning and wretched to the core.

  3. Baghwan   July 25, 2017 at 4:08 am

    It is easy to be a comedian ,a joker,or a####### (no need to have brain for these),but needs a superb brain to be a writteror a thinkers LIKE MADAM A.ROY.
    It is same as to spit on sky where the spitus falls on the face of spitter.

  4. sheeba   July 29, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    A very humane and respectful lady.


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