Efforts Should be made toward Building Peace

Efforts Should be made toward Building Peace
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Letter to the Editor-II

By: Khursheed Maqbool Dar
We are aware about the fact that we can never ever shield or hide anything that is genuine and transparent truth, but what can be done is to persuade and motivate to fool one’s self and the world against reality and try to divert the issues based on reality with sub standard and baseless statements. The only thing it can produce is wastage of time, yes it may prove beneficial in some situations but only for personal selfish benefits but only for a brief stipulated time. However, such strategies are more vulnerable to develop hatred and mistrust among both common masses and intellectuals.
The reality of Kashmir is known to all of its stakeholders, who also know its solution which is crystal clear and acceptable to all (stakeholders), but what delays its implementation and announcement is something a matter of concern. The decision which could stop the drain of wealth, resources, literacy, education, social and moral etiquettes and most importantly human rights violations and brutal killings of innocent humans, is being delayed by politicizing it for benefits by power hungry people.
It could have been decided as early as in 1990s which would have saved millions of people, but no one was ready to negotiate, the efforts could have been made during 2008, 2009 and 2010 but no one was ready to go for human safety. Rather, killings were preferred by politicians for their ill benefits which are never long lasting.
We had an opportunity to learn from past mistakes in 2016 but again we are determined not to negotiate and save humans of already oppressed society of Kashmir.
For every action we get an opposite reaction but in case of Kashmir the law is taking a sharp and brutal turn against humanity. Recent Lok Sabha polls have intensified the tensions and giving signals of more loss of lives, on a single day of elections 8 civilians lost their lives which further deteriorated the situation and looks like to worsen.
Entry of forces into educational institutions has let the people with no option rather than to intensify the resistance. Students are compelled to come on roads with stones than to attend classes. Efforts need to be taken to bring peace. How can forming force’s battalions to tackle the oppressed people ,to suppress their voice against cruelty, banning of internet, social networks, killing of unarmed civilians and forcing people to vote by seeking the assistance of 74000 forces personnel can bring a nation towards peace, stability and development?
The issue which has an international recognition need to be addressed in an intellectual manner by considering the suggestions and views of its stakeholders in a disciplined way rather than objecting the ground situation in an uncivilized manner to hide the reality.

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