An Open Letter to Donald Trump: If You Become Plato’s Philosopher

An Open Letter to Donald Trump: If You Become Plato’s Philosopher

By Irfann Khadim
I write to you,  Sir, because it  a reason of its own.  I write you because you are the power in the minds of the world. You deserve to be written-because you can act. You are aware about the ground realities of My Place (Kashmir)- the Most Militarized Place in the world and  he most troubled State in Asian Subcontinent.
Here I remember Plato. He argues and says “there will be no end to the troubles of states…. humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in the world…. and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands” (Plato; 2007, 192).
What if I do call you (Mr. Donald Trump) ‘The Plato’s Philosopher?”. Perhaps, Plato’s argument for a group of knowledgeable persons who have the ability to bring about Peace, happiness and justice is ideal, but very unrealistic.
No doubt, it is ideal but Mr. President, you can make it realistic also.
Kashmir is a dispute and hence a barrier for peace in the Asian Countries. Kashmir is a bone of contention between the nuclear armed countries, India and Pakistan. It is a place where the aspirations of billions of its people are crushed and murdered mercilessly with the pointed bullets and hazardous weapons, where the blood flows through the taps and where the rivers are filled with human skulls, where the school children , even  girls,  are not spared and are made blind with pellets. It is a place where innocence is buried alive, where justice is no name but injustice, the only game.
I want to ask you a simple question: why killings, torture, loot and plunder have become the order of the world. I remember America and I have heard every American president till now speak for peace especially you that peace is the need of Hour.
I am not sure if you will read my letter but by chance you pay a heed to it. I think it will be  good . For a while I think, you could think for a human and for the sake of  humanity. We are neither your enemies nor your friends. We are just strangers living on the same earth, imbibing the same air and drinking the same water. Bu, t we know that you won and became the president of United States Of America. And , hence ‘’you’’ are the power of the world”.
Mr. Donald Trump.  I don’t know your agenda and I don’t know your policies. You have the potential to turn the bad into good and vice versa. Because , the ball lies in your court.
We are living a dead life. We have never seen rising sun bereft of blood and never slept a deep slumber. Kashmir used to be called as Paradise but today, intentional war has turned it into hell. Here,  the flames of the war-fire are spread to the extent that it has taken away more than 100, 000 innocent lives.
Mr. President, I know you are born as a human and I believe you have a human heart. So, writing my letter to world’s most powerful person has hope within. And this hope is to the millions of the people of Kashmir and Bigger world. All they call you to interfere and all they call you to intervene. You can be a bridge of Hope. You Became the President of America and kindly do prove that you can also become a Plato’s Philosopher: the harbinger of peace in Kashmir and the wider world.

—The writer is the author of the book, ‘’Not A Lie, Escaped The World Peace’’ and can be reached at [email protected]

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