Indian media army’s agents, paid to defame freedom struggle: JKLF

Indian media army’s agents, paid to defame freedom struggle: JKLF
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Malik files case against India Today reporter for entering his bedroom without permission
Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday accused Indian media of working under army dictates and staging dramas like ‘sting operations’ to defame the ongoing freedom struggle in Kashmir.
Addressing a hurriedly called press conference in Srinagar soon after an India Today reporter alleged Malik had manhandled her, he termed the allegation baseless and said the Indian news channels were hell-bent on defaming the freedom struggle.
“The Indian media takes dictates from the army and labels every Kashmiri, be it a stone-pelter or a student protesting on a street, as a paid agent,” Malik said.
He said that instead of showing the “brutalities” committed by the government forces in Kashmir, Indian media was running a government PR agenda.
“Forces kill innocents, maim and blind our youth and then accuse us of being paid agents. Indian reporters are army agents in civil uniform,” he said.
In a reference to the recent India Today sting operation on pro-freedom leaders Nayeem Khan and Farooq Dar, Malik said that the Kashmir struggle was like “prayer” for them and they would never compromise on it.
“I can’t speak on behalf of them. They will defend their own stories and versions. But through these tapes, they want to defame the entire freedom struggle,” he said.
“The Indian media can’t stop us from taking the ongoing freedom struggle to its logical end by its misleading reports. Our hero, Muhammad Maqbool Bhat, has taught us how to sacrifice life for the Kashmir cause. Threats and opening more cases against me will never deter me,” Malik said.
He said calling our people, who sacrifice their lives for Kashmir, paid agents was a shame on the TV channels that aired such stories. “Before calling them paid agents, you should check their family backgrounds. They are educated youth, coming from well-off families and they wouldn’t like to get killed for Rs 600.”
Malik said that Indian media was hell-bent upon defaming the freedom struggle and ran propaganda for their channel TRPs.
“India spends crores of rupees in Kashmir. Why then is there so much dissent against them? If the Kashmir freedom struggle was running on money, this movement should have never succeeded,” he said.
Malik, who filed a case against India Today journalist Kamaljit Sandhu for breaching his privacy and entering his bedroom without his permission, said all allegations, including of his having manhandled her, were baseless.
“Not only did she lie to my sister that she had an appointment with me, but she also suddenly barged into my bedroom when I was asleep and starting shooting and recording on her mobile phone,” Malik said.
“On my objecting to this, she started crying and alleged that I had manhandled her.
“Is this the journalism? I ask the media fraternity, was this the proper way to take an interview?”
Malik said he had filed a complaint of criminal and malicious trespass against the journalist.
He also challenged the Indian media to prove whether he had accumulated wealth and property in the name of the freedom movement.
“Let them prove if I have anything more than the two-room house of my mother in Maisuma,” he said.

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