Omar takes dig at CM’s ‘non-existing credibility’

Omar takes dig at CM’s ‘non-existing credibility’
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Srinagar: The leader of opposition in the state assembly, Omar Abdullah, tweeted soon after the protest by women at SKICC against the chief minister: “This is what happens when the machinery of Govt is used for the sole purpose of rebuilding Mehbooba Mufti’s non-existing credibility”.
He further tweeted: “I dread to imagine what lies Mehbooba Mufti tells PM Modi in private when she can’t even be honest about things everyone can see videos of.”
Later, in a statement issued from National Conference headquarters in Srinagar, NC state spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said that the embarrassing incident should make the chief minister introspect and realise how unpopular she is. “Our chief minister is not only living in a make-belief world but has lost touch with reality to an extent that she has become unfit to dispense her duties. These employees (women protesters) clearly stated on camera that they were coerced and misled to attend the function and would not tolerate Mehbooba Mufti addressing them. If the chief minister had any shame left, she would have acknowledged their anger and resentment against her and admitted her complete and utter failure to head the government”, the NC spokesperson said.

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