Zakir praises Al Qaeda, calls Pakistan’s system ‘idolatry’

Zakir praises Al Qaeda, calls Pakistan’s system ‘idolatry’
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Srinagar: Zakir Musa, the Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen commander who quit the outfit two days ago, said in a new audio message on Monday that there were no differences among militants and all were fighting under the one slogan of Shariyat and Shahadat (Islamic rule and martyrdom). Praising Al-Qaeda, Zakir said that they, too, fought under the same Shariyat and Shahadat slogan during the Afghan jehad.
Zakir said that the focus of militants is on throwing out Indian forces from Kashmir. “First of all, we must keep our differences aside and focus on throwing Indian forces out of Kashmir. We will not let Indian agencies to take undue advantage of our differences,” he said.
He said that all the mujahideen (militants) firmly believe in Shariyat and Shahadat and would continue to fight under this slogan.
He said he would continue to fight against India even if he was not part of Hizb. “Those who are unhappy with my decision of quitting Hizb, I want to tell them that I am with you and our aim is one. I will continue to fight shoulder by shoulder to make Indian bite dust,” he said.
“Perhaps I was not worth leading you. I believe you will get a more able person than me,” he said, addressing Hizb militants.
Requesting militants to maintain love and brotherhood, he said his resolve to “seek freedom for Kashmir remains intact”.
“Indian agencies will definitely try to take undue advantage of our differences, but let me say clearly: if we kill any hypocrite, we will release a video of it,” he said.
Zakir said he was always against those who want to merge with the idolatry system (tagooti nizam). “But let us keep our differences aside and fight the Indian forces first,” he said.
Paying rich tributes to Afzal Guru, Zakir said that Guru had mentioned in his book, Aaina, that “The so-called jihad which looks towards America (for support) is not a jihad but the defamation of it.”
He said that Indian agencies have never succeeded in befooling militants in Kashmir. “I want to tell the organisations like Kashmiri Taliban and Harkatul Mujahideen, who announced their support to me, that I don’t need the support of people sitting in cozy rooms under the idolatry system of Pakistan,” he said, adding, “Allah is enough for me.”
“But if these organisations are the handwork of Indian agencies, I want to tell them that you never will succeed in befooling us,” he said.
“We will continue to fight Indian forces and make them bite the dust,” he said.
He said he did not belong to any group nor he wanted to make any of his own. “We should not become Nazam parast (pro-party) or Qaum parast (nationalist),” he said.

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