Girl students complain of harassment from school authorities

Girl students complain of harassment from school authorities
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SRINAGAR:Girl students of the Government Higher Secondary School Kothi Bagh say that they face harassment from school authorities for participating in protests. The students said that school authorities have become stricter and are detaining them at school when it is time to go home.
“We are released from school in groups of 2-3 students, so that we won’t assemble anywhere. This is inconvenient for students who leave at the last. They have to wait for long and reach home late,” a student said.
According to the students, teachers intimidate them by saying that they will be arrested and slapped with the Public Safety Act. “Teachers told us that our life will be ruined because we are protestors and stone-throwers,” a student of the Kothi Bagh school said.
Students said that the teachers are suspecting every girl of participating in protests. “They have recognized a few girls from pictures on social media and they think all the students may be involved in stone-throwing,” a student said.
Officials of the school denied that they are trying to prevent students from taking part in protests. “No protest took place in the school premises. We have nothing to do with it. We have not discussed anything about protests with our students,” a school official said.

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