Conducive Atmosphere, Really?

By Haziq Qayoom

Everyone in Kashmir is fed up of seeing blood getting drained. But the question is: is the government fed up of this? With the Mehbooba-led government at a loss for words, the Indian government has repeatedly said it needed   a conducive atmosphere to hold the talks with stakeholders in Kashmir and Pakistan. It seems this government wants the public to close their eyes, muff ears, tie up tongues, tip noses, chop their thoughts, stop dreaming, and believe the world about is peaceful, and the atmosphere conducive, when it is apparently not.
It’s obvious in what the government is doing; and what it is saying. A few weeks ago, when Mehbooba Mufti met Narendra Modi, and the Rajnath Singh, she said that she had implored them to hold peace talks in Kashmir. The PM, as he has long said stated that he will follow Vajpayee’s footsteps or legacy, is again lying in public as the BJP rejected the talks with stakeholders in Kashmir days after. Now, if Mehbooba is supremely confident about Modi’s promise, she would have well done to downplay the tensions on her part. Hence, one fails to understand, as to what kind of conducive atmosphere the government is alluding to. Asking the protestors to give up on protests is like the pot calling the kettle black. Retaining peace is not a childish game anywhere across the world. It amounts to saying that  that you will ask the chaos to stop itself first or we will continue to kill you randomly because it will cause more chaos. It is  the state that has to stop  the cause of vexation first . The recent social media gag has a hint of what may be done in the near future. Modi has not shown any serious interest to avert the damage that is rampant in hegemonic India, or in the trouble-hit, Naxalite, eastern states. Neither has he shown any serious concern towards to growing attacks of Gau Rakhsaks against the Muslim minority. Putting confidence in the saffron clothed, staunch Hindutva leader Yogi in UP shows this government wants to take it further ahead.
The recent developments- be it the army using human shields, while beating students tirelessly, forces breaching to the college premises, and following the justification of these events by various leaders, including Ram Madhav- the middleman of the BJP and the PDP-, gives Kashmiris only despair, and nothing to hope. It’s seems, it’s all a tissue of lies.
If the government is bragging about the conditions are to become peaceful, why there is not any stopping the colonial agenda that is tending across all the states of India in the first place? Why are Muslims and Hindus the only people felt in the first place in India, right now? The prior is a victim of the latter, and the latter a victim of divisive politics.  Where on the earth is a conducive atmosphere to be found than within the rulers itself? If the skin of pathetic patriarchy and hatred were to be shed now, maybe the atmosphere will be respectable for the men and women of this region.

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