Zakir’s statement denounced on Facebook

Zakir’s statement denounced on Facebook
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Srinagar: Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa’s threat to Hurriyat leaders evoked sharp reaction from Kashmiris on social media, many of them saying that such a statement can harm the ongoing freedom struggle.
Terming the statement as one of most unfortunate episodes of the freedom struggle, Mehraj-ud-Din, a scholar, wrote on Facebook, “The statement is not even debatable, it should be condemned by all quarters of our society.”
“It is irresponsible on his part to issue a statement without taking the religio-political context into consideration,” Mehraj wrote.
Commenting on Mehraj’s post, Mateen Yousuf wrote, “Another ISIS in making. Armed struggle without intellectual support will only give rise to these gun wielding morons.”
“Hurriyat leaders have spent so much time in jails, longer than the age of these self glorifying Rebels. And today this undergraduate will cut the neck of Geelani Sahab and Yaseen Malik. Time we wake up, organize ourselves and stop Kashmir from becoming another Afghanistan, Syria or Yemen,” he further said.
Azra Bazaz wrote on Facebook, “Without any doubt Zakir bhai is doing a great job but last time when his video was up, I felt it a bit childish on part of someone whose dream is so big. How could he forget how non Muslims were treated during the time of the rightly guided caliphs, how dare he say we will not spare a single non Muslim living in Kashmir if Jammu people harm our Muslim brethren. That day I thought it’s OK, galati se bola hoga, but his today’s statement has left me in a state of shock.”
“How can anyone at such a position disrespect his elders especially those who have sacrificed almost everything they had,” Azra further wrote.
Some Kashmiris wrote in support of Musa’s statement. Tafazul Rasool wrote on Facebook, “I don’t understand why people here are opposing Zakir Moosa. What he said is an exact truth as per Quran and Hadith. And if you are afraid that people will label you terrorist, then it is to be mentioned that we are labelled (that) already. Further, if you think that we should not mention that we are fighting for Sharia then it is obvious that our struggle is just for land and not for Islam.”
The Hurriyat leadership has still not commented on Zakir’s statement.

2 Responses to "Zakir’s statement denounced on Facebook"

  1. Peerzdada Shahid   May 14, 2017 at 9:36 am

    Zakir Moosa is on the right path, may Allah protect him.
    We Need Shariyah not Nationalism.

  2. SkB_Australia   May 14, 2017 at 10:24 am

    For you Danishwar & Umar Khalid
    This is what i was warning against all these year… if you still cannot see it .. its not my fault


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