Will hang the heads of Hurriyat leaders at Lal Chowk: Hizb’s Zakir

Will hang the heads of Hurriyat leaders at Lal Chowk: Hizb’s Zakir

Says Kashmir’s fight is for Islam
Srinagar: Burhan Wani’s successor as the militant commander of Hizbul Mujahideen in Kashmir, Zakir Musa, released a recorded audio message on Friday in which he threatened to cut the heads of Hurriyat leaders and hang them at Srinagar’s Lal Chowk if they came in his way of establishing Islamic rule in Kashmir.
“If they want to run their politics, they should not become a thorn in our way to establishing Shariah (Islamic law). Otherwise we will chop off their heads and will hang them at Lal Chowk,” Zakir said in the recorded audio.
“I warn them that if they try to become hurdles in our way, we will hang them before we hang the infidels. The struggle of Kashmir is for Islam. We will implement the Shariah here,” said Zakir.
Though the audio message is still unverified, Zakir is evidently heard saying that he wants to ask Hurriyat leaders if the Kashmir struggle is political and not Islamic, then why are people raising slogans such as “Azadi ka matlab kya? Lā Ilāha Illā Allāh” and “Pakistan se rishta kya? Lā Ilāha Illā Allāh”.
Earlier, the joint resistance leadership had issued a statement that the Kashmiri struggle was a political one and had nothing to do with the ideologies espoused by Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
“If this struggle is political, then why is the Hurriyat using mosques for the Kashmir movement? Why have you been running this movement from the pulpit of the mosque?” Zakir asked.
“I tell them that if this movement is political, then why don’t the Hurriyat leaders come on roads and run this movement,” he said.
He asked why the Hurriyat leaders participated in the funerals of militants if the movement was not Islamic. “I am not a scholar. Some people suggest to me that I should not interfere in such issues, but those who were supposed to speak on these issues remain silent due to the fear of evil forces (Tagoot). Instead, these hypocrites look towards evil forces like the United Nations and the international community to seek a solution. They should not speak the language of infidels in the name of leadership,” he said.
Zakir, a former engineering student, termed the Hurriyat leaders as political, not Islamic, leaders.
He said people should not get confused with the way things were going in Kashmir. “The opposition of some people does not matter to us. Instead, we are happy when someone opposes us because we know we are on the right path. We are bound to face opposition,” Zakir said.
He said that Kashmiris need to get united and “our unity must be on Tawheed (Oneness of Allah)”.
“We don’t need to get united under these people who are hypocrites. Otherwise, tomorrow they would claim that idol worship is not forbidden. We need to identify the right path,” he said.
“We are forced to speak on issues since our scholars are afraid of speaking the truth. We love the Ummah. We don’t want this Ummah to suffer more, for it has already given enormous sacrifices. If we talk about imposing Shariah, we should impose it on ourselves first. We should individually follow the religion in letter and spirit and hold the rope of Allah and not keep hopes on others,” he said.
Zakir’s statements evoked strong reactions from Kashmiris on social media. Many of them turned his statement amateurish and some condemned him for speaking against the resistance leadership.
Earlier this week, Zakir had released a message in which he asked protesting girl students to refrain from taking part in stone throwing as it was un-Islamic. A few months ago, Zakir had released a video in which he urged Kashmiri youth to not throw stones in the name of the ‘nation’ but to fight for the rule of Islam.
The resistance camp remained tight lipped and refused to comment.

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  1. javid   May 13, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Dear zakir,we respect u but that does not mean whatever u will tell, we wiil accept that.Pls donot forward such massages on media which bifercates the people of Kashmir. Also Geelani sb is of the prominent & abled personality of vally.so donot abuse them.

  2. SkB_Australia   May 13, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Javid Bhosssdk
    Hosh ke nakhoon lo abhi bhi time hai…
    This is what heading towards Kashmir… caliphate & shariah like in Iraq & Syria
    That day you will realise how wrong you were & what is the value of secularism & democracy…
    The army of jihadi killer you are creating .. will give you helll not AZADI
    Just wait & see … it’s just when not if


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