Women and Society

Women and Society

Jannat Malik

Among all the creation on earth, we,  human beings, hold our stake at the top because we have been bestowed with the highest of psyche;  we are characterized with the ability to think.  We debate, put the best of our arguments forth to the best of our understanding in any matter whatsoever. Presently, we make use of many platforms, which socialize us, and  hence reflect our consciousness regarding many issues prevailing in our society. This social network holds a strong base everywhere thus unraveling the number of grim cases that previously used to be draped under the garb of misogyny and prejudice. Women are coming forward every now and then, whenever they feel victimized by the stereotypes and inequalities existing in our society. At times, the rhetoric for them is too high yet there are instances where women feel marginalized by a certain section of society. There have been many recent and past cases where these stereotypes have belittled the strong yet much dominated part of our society.
Women are the most embellished creation of God. Despite being physically weak, we can never surpass their kind and humble nature. The level of tolerance in them can be compared to none, yet we see women suffering the most. From the worst instances of sexism, we see the problems like eve teasing, stalking, and domestic violence every now and then. Unfortunately, we are busying ourselves in judging others and hurling invectives at each other. We should ,at the same time, appreciate those women who come forward on social platforms highlighting the core issues that may cause the rotting of societal system.
For example, the situation of overloading in public transportation is  grim. We claim to respect our women yet how often have we seen women sitting on the seats that are reserved for them? Are we  so dumb to let this simple thing slip our mind? Therefore, why can’t our campaigns be like spreading this awareness in our society and even carrying this message to the womenfolk who hardly dare to ask for their reserved seats? We need to start with these basic things in order to save our society from moral degradation because women suffer the most while travelling in public transport. Although being under-reported, yet a study came forward where many women have admitted the fact that they have been the victim of ‘toucherism’ (Published in Kashmir Reader) in public transport.
How many of us make the public outcry against the overcrowding in buses which is the reason for this spreading menace. It obviously cannot be the case that we will force our women to be reclusive and let them mange their own private vehicles. Obviously, we need to recognize the root cause of our social problems and come forward with definitive ways to save our society from moral degradation.
Our society is in a state of metamorphosis and this transcendence has been fabulous for our women as they have carved their niche in every field be it science, art, literature, and other domains. It will be  an oversimplification to establish the fact that women lag behind in any field. Our society is moving forward and progressing at good pace trying to do away with the patriarchal mindset. Although this is good, yet in times we see this metamorphosis paving way to other social evils as well. All we need to do is to button down the root causes and uplift morale in ourselves. This may,  in turn , help us in safeguarding  women. We keep discussing gender equality, raise our voice for women empowerment but at the same time our pitch should go high when it comes to respecting the women rather not to make them items of objectification. Let us sincerely fight against the manifold problems that women are facing in their daily lives and come up with concrete steps for the betterment of our society. The more egalitarian instincts in our society can produce strong voices which may not let us falter in taking big strides.

—The author is a graduate in Biochemistry who can be reached at:Jannatmalik1288@gmail.com

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